How Do You Read a Crochet Pattern? Small Circle

How do you read a crochet pattern? I'll show you! I'll explain each abbreviation and all the formatting one step at a time, and show you how to follow the directions.

How do you read a crochet pattern?

How do you read a crochet pattern? I’m on a mission to teach you just that! I’ll show you how, step by step. I’m making a whole series of videos where I will walk you through a small crochet pattern one step at a time, tell you what it means, and show you how to do it. Each video uses a very short crochet project. Watch each one, follow along, and then transfer those skills to larger projects!

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In this video I am showing you how to read the written crochet pattern for a very small circle that is part of my Gardens Galore Garland free crochet pattern, shown below. This garland is perfect for decorating your patio, mantle piece, a bedroom wall, or any space you like. Make it in colors to match your decor. You can get the written pattern right here. We are doing that little purple circle in the center of the coral flower. I’ve already done videos to teach how to read the pattern for the tiny heart and the small ring in this garland pattern.

Gardens Galore Garland, free crochet pattern for a floral spring garland, from Banana Moon Studio

If you don’t already have a handle on crochet abbreviations, you’ll want to get my list of the forty most common crochet pattern abbreviations! You can download and print this abbreviation list free here on my website. With this list you’ll be able to decode the abbreviations most commonly used in crochet patterns. Each abbreviation is listed along with it’s translation. Then in the video, I’ll show you what those stitches look like in action so that you can connect the abbreviation, name, and actions.

Learn to read written crochet patterns with this free printable crochet abbreviations list from Banana Moon Studio!

If you’re still asking how do you read a crochet pattern? Well, it’s time to learn!

I have additional videos in this series! If you watch each one you will expand your knowledge of how to read crochet patterns! Since each pattern is slightly different, you can learn different abbreviations and types of formatting from each video. Each of the patterns that goes with the video is available for free here on my blog!

Tiny Heart

Small Ring

6-Petal Flower

8-Petal Flower

Bruges Bracelet

Happy crocheting!

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Learn to read crochet patterns step by step with Banana Moon Studio!

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