Banana Moon Studio - Crochet, Knit, Yarn. Crescent moon or banana shapes in yellow, teal, and three shades of purple.

Are you looking to get your yarn-craft product seen by yarn-crafters? Are you looking for a teacher or demonstrator? Are you looking to collaborate on an event? You’ve come to the right place! Banana Moon Studio is growing fast! Check out my stats and prices below and fill out the contact form. Let’s work together to support us both!

I publish crochet and knitting patterns. I also publish reviews and tutorials for crochet, knitting, and handspinning. I post regularly on all the social media platforms below. All of my tutorial videos are posted to my YouTube channel, and those videos are embedded in a blog post. When I write a blog post about a pattern, review, or tutorial, I share that blog post over and over again on my social media channels.

I also teach and demonstrate these skills in person!


I am currently active on the following platforms:

My website, about 15,000 sessions per month averaged over the last 6 months

My email newsletter, over 3000 subscribers

Instagram, over 11,300 followers

YouTube, over 1700 subscribers

Facebook, over 1500 followers

Facebook group, over 500 members

Pinterest, over 3600 followers

TikTok, over 3500 followers

And my audience is growing every day!

Here are a few basic options, but custom arrangements are also available!

In-person teaching group classes: $10/student/hr, plus travel expenses, if applicable.

In-person demonstrations: $20/hr, plus travel expenses, if applicable.

Sponsored blog post or YouTube video, which includes many social media shares: $100

One Facebook post to my page and group sharing your product with your media: $30.

One Instagram post sharing your product with your media: $45.

Above the fold share in my newsletter, using your media: $50.

Sponsor my social media feeds for one day. Includes at least 2 posts each to Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok: $75

Other ideas? Let’s talk! Fill out the contact form below!

What types of products are eligible?

Any product designed for crocheters, knitters, or spinners. I enjoy all three of these crafts and have viewers that also enjoy them. Yarn, tools, books, magazines, and anything else you can think of!

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