Free Printable List of Crochet Abbreviations

Image of a list of crochet abbreviations. Text reads: Free to download. Printable crochet abbreviations chart. Banana Moon Studio.

Printable list of crochet abbreviations

What do all those abbreviations in crochet patterns mean? My family thinks I speak a second language because I read and write in crochet pattern speak! Are you fluent in crochet pattern speak? If not, I am here to help! Get my printable list of crochet abbreviations when you subscribe to my newsletter using the form below!

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It has come to my attention that a lot of people that love to crochet do not know how to use written patterns. It is definitely a learned skill! Knowing how to read a crochet pattern opens up so many possibilities to you, so it’s worth taking the time to learn. I have put together a series of blog posts and videos aimed at teaching crochet enthusiasts how to read crochet patterns!

That effort began with this, a free printable list of crochet abbreviations. Why are crochet patterns written with so many abbreviations anyway? Well, I haven’t researched how that became the standard, but I can guess that the publishing industry had a lot to do with it. When you are printing patterns in magazines, leaflets, or books, you cut down the cost of the printing when you use fewer pages and less ink. Crochet abbreviations significantly cut down on both of those! From my own perspective, writing a crochet pattern is faster when I can use lots of abbreviations!

Image of a chart of crochet abbreviations and their meanings. Banana Moon Studio.
40 Common abbreviations on my printable list of crochet abbreviations

One key part of learning to read a crochet pattern is to learn the meaning of all those abbreviations. So as you are learning, I recommend you keep this handy chart close at hand. Before long, you’ll know the abbreviations by heart and won’t need a key any longer.

Now that you have this handy abbreviation chart, go check out some of my videos to teach you how to read crochet patterns! Each video focuses on a very short crochet pattern. I go through the pattern with you, explaining each abbreviation and the formatting and then showing you with hook and yarn what you do based on those instructions. You can learn to read crochet patterns!

Tiny heart

Small ring

6-petal flower

Small Circle

Bruges Bracelet

Happy crocheting,

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Image of purple yarn in the background. Image of a crochet abbreviations chart. Text reads: Free to download with subscription! Printable crochet abbreviations Chart. Banana Moon Studio.

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