Learn How to Read Crochet Patterns: Small Ring

Learn how to read crochet patterns with Banana Moon Studio. Written crochet pattern on a table, a small grey crochet motif, a wooden crochet hook.

Learn how to read crochet patterns

I want to teach you how to read crochet patterns. I’ve found that a lot of crocheters have had great success learning to crochet by watching YouTube videos, but often, these videos demonstrate the stitches without tying them to the written instructions. Learning to read a written pattern opens up so many possibilities! I’m on a mission to teach this skill, so join me in a series of videos that I am creating to teach you to read a crochet pattern!

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Reading a crochet pattern requires a knowledge of the abbreviations commonly used in writing these patterns. The abbreviations shorten the time taken to write, as well as reduce the amount of ink and paper needed to print patterns. So it benefits designers and publishers to write them with abbreviations. It also benefits you if you are printing them!

The first step in learning how to read crochet patterns is to learn what these abbreviations mean. Start by downloading and printing my free list of crochet abbreviations.

To learn how to read a crochet pattern you will also need to learn about the standard ways of formatting written patterns. That’s what I aim to do with the videos that I am making. Each video will walk you through a small crochet pattern step by step. The video below is the second one in the series. You can find the first one here. My hope is that with enough practice on these small patterns, and the abbreviation list, you can take those skills and apply them to larger patterns. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and newsletter so that you won’t miss any of them!

In this video I am continuing with the written pattern for my Gardens Galore Garland crochet pattern. This is a free crochet pattern for a floral garland that you can get here. This video walks you through the instructions for the “ring.” It’s just a simple crochet ring shape that is one of the available shapes to use with the garland.

The yarn used in the video is Berroco Remix, a fantastic tweed yarn made completely of recycled materials. You can find that yarn here.

Now let’s learn how to read crochet patterns!

Happy crocheting!

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Learn to read a written crochet pattern with Banana Moon Studio. Written crochet pattern on a table, a small grey crochet motif, a wooden crochet hook.

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  1. I’m so excited about this I know how to crochet but it’s very simple. My grandmother taught me how to single and double . I don’t think she ever had a pattern. Thank you so much