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Crochet Bracelet Pattern Round-up, 10 Patterns

Photo collage of crochet bracelets of all different types and colors. Text reads: B. Hooked Crochet, Moogly, Creations by Courtney, Little Treasures, SEK Handmade, Celtic Knot Crochet, The Velvet Heart, Petals to Picots, Amber Bliss Calderon. Pattern Round-up. Crochet bracelets. BananaMoonStudio.com

Crochet bracelets can be wonderful projects! They are small, portable, fast-finish, and so giftable and fun! You can make chunky cuffs, beaded bangles, and lacy delights. I’ve looked through dozens of patterns to spot some favorites to share with you! And now a crochet bracelet pattern round-up!

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Small & Portable

Small, portable crochet projects are great for summer time when you don’t want a big project heating up your lap! They are also great for road trips, plane trips, and waiting room visits because they fit so easily into your purse or bag. Small projects also make excellent gifts! They finish quickly, so you can make several in a very short time. Crochet bracelets are also great scrappy projects. Each one takes just a little yarn or thread, so you can use them to finish off the last of your leftover yarn.

Crochet Bracelet Patterns

I’ve searched through loads of crochet bracelet patterns and come up with ten that I love! I’m sure you’ll love them too!

Hand and forearm wearing a blue crochet bracelet on a white lace background. Text reads: BananaMoonStudio.com

First is my Bruges Bracelet! This bracelet is made with about 12 yds of DK weight yarn and can be made to any length you desire. Make one, or several, today!

Bruges Bracelet crochet pattern.

Person wearing a bright print top, wearing a blue braided crochet bracelet.

The Braided Bracelet from Creations By Courtney is a quick project to make for yourself or as a gift. It is practically seamless since each piece is worked into the first piece. Instructions include directions for size small, medium and large.

Braided Bracelet crochet pattern.

Green crochet bracelet made of crochet cord tied in an intricate, loose, decorative knot. The bracelet is on a white cushion on a pink background.

The Celtic Knot Bracelet is a great simple and quick project for beginners and experienced crocheters! Free pattern is available from Celtic Knot Crochet, along with a variety of video tutorials to help you make a beautiful bracelet.

Celtic Knot Bracelet crochet pattern.

Light blue and white chevron crochet cuff bracelet sitting on the edge of a brown bowl with a white background.

The Chevron Cuff by Tamara Kelly of Moogly gives you a new piece to wear in one evening, and for just pennies. Instructions are included for two versions, a loose bangle style bracelet, and a tighter cuff with fasteners.

Chevron Cuff crochet pattern.

Delicate looking bronze crochet bracelet on a background of white-painted wood. Pile of buttons in the foreground.

The Christine Bracelet by Amber Bliss Calderon can be made in any size, so you can customize this for kids or adults; you can even make it into a choker necklace! Get creative!!

Christine Bracelet crochet pattern.

Crochet bracelet made of small flowers in two colors of pink. The bracelet sits on a wooden background.

The Crochet Flower Bracelet from Petals to Picots is made of sweet little eight-petaled flowers that are joined as you go. Customize the bracelet length by making more or fewer flowers.

Flower Bracelet crochet pattern.

Woman smiling at the camera, wearing earrrings, necklace, denim jacket, orange shirt, and a wide cuff bracelet that is crocheted. The bracelet is olive green and has three blue buttons.

The Grand Arches Cuff from Sarah Korth of SEK Handmade has this great stitch that makes for a beautiful, modern cuff and the perfect button closure! You can make a neutral cuff and add bright buttons for a pop of color! But, there really are endless possibilities to make it uniquely your own!

Grand Arches Cuff crochet pattern.

Three crochet bracelets sitting on a table. The bracelets are each made of bright colors of crochet thread in aqua and pale orange, watermelon and sea green, and pink and sky blue.

This Ruffles and Lace crochet friendship bracelet pattern is from The Velvet Heart. The written tutorial with photos walks you through each step and uses American Standard terms. It utilizes basic crochet stitches and simple braiding and will give you a bracelet that measures about 6 inches long and about 3/4 inch wide (for the cuff portion). It was designed as an old fashioned tie on bracelet.

Ruffles and Lace crochet bracelet pattern.

Four crochet bracelets sitting on a white background. Each bracelet looks to be crocheted around a store-bought bangle and works outward to make a lacy bracelet. Bracelets are white, pale coral, darker coral, and salmon. Text reads: Stacked Bracelets crochet pattern.

Stacked Bracelets crochet pattern is from Little Treasures! These unique and eye-catching bracelets are a wonderful addition to your outfit! Not only can the pattern be used for bracelets, you can use these to make adorable little wreaths, use them with candles or pine cones for instance, to make one of a kind home decor or simply use them as frames.

Stacked Bracelets crochet pattern.

Four wide cuff bracelets are fanned out, slightly overlapping, on a white background. Each bracelet has two buttons. The cuffs are navy blue, red, brown, and green.

The Star Stitch Bracelet Cuff from B. Hooked Crochet is another quick and easy crochet pattern! These cuffs will make a great accessory this spring and you can make one in every color. One of these cuffs can be completed in less than 30 minutes and requires only scraps of yarn.

Star Stitch Bracelet Cuff crochet pattern.


There you have it! These ten bracelet crochet patterns will give you so many options for quick, giftable, summer-approved crochet projects! For many bracelet patterns, you can get away with easy customizations. Try making one of these in a thinner or thicker yarn than the original pattern. It’s often easy to make the bracelet a little thinner, thicker, wider, longer, or shorter than the original by doing an extra few rows, one fewer motif, etc. And since they are so quick to make, what’s the harm in experimenting a little?!

Hope you enjoy these!

Happy crocheting!

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Photo collage of 4 crochet bracelets in various settings. Text reads: Crochet Bracelet Pattern Round-up 10 patterns! www.bananamoonstudio.com.

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