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32 Crochet Cow Patterns

Photo collage of crochet cow patterns. Projects include a cow spot hat, a cow spot pillow, a c2c cow square, a tapestry pot holder, two crochet cow amigurumi, a tablet sleeve, and a small gift pocket. The center panel reads: Crochet cow patterns. Banana Moon Studio.

Crochet cow patterns of all kinds!

In this crochet pattern round up I’m sharing all kinds of crochet cow patterns. Many are amigurumi, or stuffies, but some are wearables, and others are home decor. Whether you want to play with cows, decorate with them, or wear them, you’ll find a pattern here to love!

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Collage of four crochet cow patterns including a pot holder, a throw pillow, a tablet sleeve, and a baby rattle, all to look like cows, or cowhide. A center panel with text reads: Cow crochet patterns. A bottom panel with text reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Crochet cow patterns to wear

First up, let’s look at a few crochet cow patterns that you can wear

Photo of a person wearing a crochet hat to look like a cow with spots, horns, ears, eyes, and nose.

This crochet cow hat comes to us from Loveable Loops. This cute barnyard animal hat could be for dress up, Halloween, or just for anyone that loves cows! Easy enough for beginners.

Get the free cow hat pattern here.

Crochet hat on a woven surface. The hat is ecru with black spots to look like cow spots. It's topped with a black fur pom pom.

Here we have another crochet cow hat, but this one features cow spots, rather than trying to resemble a cow. This could be a cute accessory to gift to those that love the farm or country lifestyle. This hat is designed by Tzigns on Ravelry.

Get this crochet hat pattern here.

Crochet cow patterns for your home

Add a country western flair to your living room, bedroom, dining room, patio, or kitchen with these fun home decor crochet cow patterns!

Two crochet coasters that look like cowhide with brown spots sit on a woven aqua mat with an initialed mug atop one of them. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

These are Cowhide Coasters, a design of my own. These use just a small amount of yarn and have a design that looks like cow spots. Use them in you dining room, living room, or patio to add some country charm.

Get the free cow coaster pattern here.

a round crochet potholder to look like a cow. It is white with black horns, ears, and eyes, and a pink nose. Text on the image reads: crochetforyoublog.com.

This cute potholder will be charming in your kitchen or on your table. The free pattern is from Crochet For You Blog.

Get this cow potholder crochet pattern here.

Crochet pillow in white and brown to look like cowhide. It sits on a wooden chair in front of a brick wall. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Next up is my own Cowhide Pillow, which uses tapestry single crochet to create two identical pieces that look a lot like cowhide. Stitch them together around a pillow insert and they will be a beautiful accent pillow in your living or bedroom.

Free crochet cow pattern here.

A white C2C crochet square with colorwork to look like the head and face of a cow.

This crochet cow C2C square is designed by Lovable Loops. It is an easy, free pattern that is part of a set of six farm animal C2C squares. Together they make a sweet blanket that would be beautiful in a nursery or children’s room

Get this free C2C pattern here.

A C2C crochet cow square. the cow is in white and shades of red and pink on a background of shades of blue. The square sits on a wooden surface.

This patchwork strawberry cow square is made using the corner to corner technique. It’s great for using up scrap yarn and can be used to make a wall hanging, a tote bag or as part of a blanket. Design by Nine Inspired.

Get this free cow crochet pattern here.

Tapestry crochet potholder in blue with a white cow stitched into the blue background. It sits on a white surface with string, cinnamon sticks, cookies, a glass of milk, and an aloe plant. Text on the image reads: raffamusadesigns.com.

Raffamusa Designs is the creator of this elegant cow potholder. This tapestry crochet proejct would be so pretty and perfect in a farmhouse kitchen. These would also be lovely housewarming gifts or market items.

Free crochet cow potholder pattern here.

Square crochet dishcloth in white and black to look like cow spots. Edged with a pink, lacy border.

Also for your kitchen, is this cow spot dishcloth from Yarnspirations. I like the addition of the pretty pink border. You could customize the color to match your own decor.

Get this free crochet pattern here.

Crochet cow bags and cases

These fun projects range from large to small and can be used to carry your things or give gifts!

Three small crochet cow faces. On the back of the face there is a small pocket with nail clippers, small hand sanitizer bottle, and lip gloss in it. Three of these sit on a white surface with a bottle of black paint, matching yarn, crochet hook, and colorwork chart.

This cute little project is a crochet cow gift pocket designed by A Crafty Concept. The front is a cute cow design, and the back is a little pocket for small giftable items. I love these!

Get this free crochet cow pattern here.

Two crochet tablet sleeves to look like highland cows sit on a wooden surface along with a strand of greenery. A logo watermark on the image reads: JK, jarful of knots.

These adorable little bovines are tablet sleeves! This crochet pattern was designed by Chuny Yang and is available on Ravelry. There are two sizes to choose from, depending on the size of your tablet.

Get this highland cow crochet pattern here.

Back view of a child outside wearing a crochet cow backpack that has black ears, white face, black eyes, and pink nose with black nostrils. Text on the image reads: www.melodysmakings.com.

Have a future farmer in the family? They’ll love this crochet cow backpack! This design is from Melody’s Makings on Etsy. Your kiddo can load this pack up with books and folders for school, or with gloves and tools to help around the yard or farm.

Get the cow backpack pattern here.

And last, but not least, the crochet cow amigurumi patterns

Know someone that loves cows? They are sure to love one of these crochet cow stuffies to decorate, snuggle, or play with.

U shaped crochet amigurumi cow in white and gray with plastic eyes, and pink nose and ears. Two hands hold the toy. Text on the image reads: @acraftyconcept.

A Crafty Concept is the designer of this little guy. According to the designer, this is the easiest cow amigurumi ever, and I believe they may be right!

Get this easy cow crochet pattern here.

Crochet cow amigurumi wearing a colorful sundress. It is held in hands with a background of outdoor plants.

This is Cleo, the crochet cow, from Chai Coffee Crochet. This darling little cow amigurumi comes with her very own sundress.

Get this dressed crochet cow pattern here.

Crochet baby rattle with a handle of four colored bubbles and a head that looks like a cow, with one black ear, one white ear and face, and a pink nose. A hand holds the rattle.

This crochet cow rattle is also designed by Chai Coffee Crochet, and I’m noticing that the colors off the rattle match the dress from the amigurumi above. This quick little crochet project would be a perfect baby shower gift for anyone with a cow or farm animal nursery theme!

Get this baby rattle crochet pattern here.

Realistic looking cow amigurumi with light brown horns, pink nose and udder, and white with black body.

Are you a realist? This cow is for you then! This is the most realistic looking cow amigurumi I have every seen, so it’s the choice for those that like cows just as they are. This design is from Missy Mo on Ravelry.

Get this realistic crochet cow pattern here.

Crochet children's snuggle toy to look like a cow with ears and horns, pink nose, white with gray body, and pale pink udder.

I just love this sweet cow ragdoll crochet pattern from A la Sascha! This pretty, calming crochet cow pattern would be a great snuggler for a baby or toddler.

Get this snuggly crochet cow pattern here.

Small crochet cow amigurumi with horns, ears, pink nose, and body that is white with black spots. It sits on a surface of wooden slats.

This little bitty cow amigurumi is designed by Chai Coffee Crochet. The original, made in DK yarn, is just 4 inches tall and only took a couple of hours to make. But you can make it with any size yarn you like. They thicker the yarn, the bigger the finished cow!

Get this free crochet cow pattern here.

Cow crochet blanket that folds up to look like a stuffed cow. It sits on the back of a chair in front of a wooden wall.

This adorable cow amigurumi is actually two projects in one. The body can be unfolded into a cow spot blanket! Crochet this as a baby gift for someone and they will be over the moon with the gift!

Get this cow blanket + stuffie pattern here.

Crochet cow stuffie sitting up on a bright green piece of fabric. It has gray horns and hooves, white body and face with black spots, and pink inner ears, nose, and udder.

Cuddly Stitches Craft has designed this cute cow amigurumi. I like the buttons on the tummy to represent the udder, lol! It’s cute. However, for children under three, leaving the buttons off is safest, as they could be a choking hazard. Children will love this stuffie to play with and cuddle!

Get the free, easy crochet cow pattern here.

Crochet cow amigurumi sitting on a wooden surface with potted plants in the background. Panels with text read: Free crochet pattern. Flip flop cow.

This easy, floppy cow amigurumi is from Darling Maple Designs. This would make a great lovey for a young child!

Get this free crochet cow pattern here.

Crochet cow amigurumi to look like a strawberry cow. It has strawberries for horns, green hair like grass, white with pink spots face and body, and red hooves. It sits in the grass. Text on the image reads: @hhdesigns4.

I was SO impressed with this darling strawberry cow crochet pattern that I spotted on Etsy that I zoomed in several times to be sure this wasn’t AI. It’s not! I love all the details on this darling cow. This crochet pattern is designed by Hannah Gerecke and can be found in her Etsy shop.

Get this strawberry cow crochet pattern here.

A hand holds a small crochet amigurumi cow that is white and black spots, has brown hooves, a pink nose, and a yellow flower on its head with green leaves. A banner with text at the bottom reads: www.darlingmapledesigns.com. A watermark on the image reads: DarlingMaple.

This cutie is Lil’ Bitty Cow from Darling Maple Designs. I just love it’s cute little flower accessory. These are a small handheld size of cow amigurumi.

Get this free crochet amigurumi pattern here.

A crochet cow in dark reddish brown and black hooves, eyes, and nose with white long horns.

This Longhorn cow crochet pattern is from Hooked for Life Publishing. Lalo the Longhorn Cow works up quickly in bulky weight yarn. His weighted hooves and wired horns mean he can stand on his own, majestically surveying his domain!

Get this longhorn cow crochet pattern here.

Two small crochet cow stuffies, one white with brown, and one white with pink. The white and pink cow wears a red collar with a bell on it. Text on the image reads: jennyandteddy.

Jenny and Teddy is the designer of these little cuties! This is Lolly Baby Cow Amigurumi. The pattern is free.

Get this free little crochet cow pattern here.

Crochet Cow sitting on a white surface next to a potted plant. The cow has rainbow horns, brown body, face, and hair, black hooves, and a red ribbon collar with a bell.

Meet Olin the Ox, he loves lily of the valley and to run freely in the fields! His horns radiate with some rainbow positivity and who can’t help fall in love with his big soulful eyes?! This adorable Ox is from KCACOUK Designs on Etsy. I love his rainbow horns, shaped hooves, and cute little face.

Get this adorable crochet cow pattern here.

Larger crochet cow stuffie standing on carpet next to a window with a smaller crochet cow stuffie next to it. Each is white with black spots. The larger cow has a collar on it and a yellow ear tag.

This unique crochet cow pattern features a pocket in mom’s backside that fits the calf so that mom can deliver her baby. Perfect way to teach kiddos about the realities of farm life! This clover crochet design is from Lau Loves Crochet on Etsy.

Get this unique crochet cow pattern here.

Two small crochet cow amigurumi. The larger one is white with black spots, the smaller is off white with black spots. Both sit on a whicker mat. A watermark on the image reads: DarlingMaple.

Darling Maple Designs also brings us this Pocket Pal Cow, a free pattern. The smaller cow is about 4 1/2 inches long and the larger is about 7 inches long. You can very the yarn thickness to create different sizes of cows. This pattern boasts minimal sewing to finish your amigurumi!

Get this low sew crochet pattern here.

Brown Highland cow crochet amigurumi with a pink nose and white horns. A watermark on the image reads: Lisaauch crochet.

Lisa Auch Crochet is the designer of this highland cow plushie crochet pattern. This amigurumi pattern also requires very little sewing to finish.

Get this highland cow crochet pattern here.

Large, round cow crochet amigurumi that is white with black spots. It has brown horns and feet, and a pink nose and inner ears. It sits on a white crochet piece. Text on the image reads: moogly.

This easy cow squish is from Moogly Blog. This is an easy shape to accomplish, so this amigurumi would be a great choice for beginning crocheters. Your recipient can enjoy using this as a pillow instead of just a stuffie!

Get this crochet cow squish pattern here.

Small crochet amigurumi that is white with black spots. It has brown hooves and horns, and pink nose. A watermark on the image reads: nicole chase.

This beginner friendly crochet cow amigurumi is designed by The Nicole Chase. It includes detailed instructions and photo tutorials to help with assembly! Great for both worsted weight yarns and plush yarns.

Get this easy crochet cow pattern here.

Crochet cow amigurumi that is white with black spots. It has brown horns and hooves, and pink nose and inner ears. It sits on a white surface.

This 18 inch tall cow looks like he may be a little down, maybe he could help comfort someone else that is feeling down. I love his big pink nose and braided tail. Sarah Zimmerman designed this cow stuffie for Yarnspirations.

Get this free cow crochet pattern here.

And that finishes this roundup of crochet cow patterns. I would love to see your crochet cows! Share them on Instagram and tag me or join my Facebook group and share them there.

Happy crocheting!

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Photo collage of crochet cow or cow spot patterns including amigurumi, a hat, a potholder, and a c2c square. A purple panel with text reads: 32 crochet cow patterns. Round up by banana moon studio.
Collage of crochet cow patterns including amigurumi, a cow hat, and a c2c square. A white panel with text and hearts reads: Crochet patterns for cows. Crochet pattern round up from Banana Moon Studio.
Collage of crochet cow amigurumi patterns. Panels with text read: 32 cow crochet patterns. Banana Moon Studio.
Photo collage of crochet cow patterns. Purple and white panels with text read: 32 cow crochet patterns. A crochet pattern round up. Banana Moon Studio.

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