Learn to Read a Crochet Pattern: Tiny Heart

Learn how to read a crochet pattern with this video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio! In this video I show you step by step how to follow a pattern to crochet a small heart in the round.

Learn to read a crochet pattern

Would you like to learn to read a crochet pattern? Would you like to learn? I have found that there are a lot of people that know how to crochet, but have never been taught to read a traditional written pattern with all it’s abbreviations and parentheses. I’d like to change that! Now it’s your turn to learn to read a crochet pattern!

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I don’t really remember learning how to read a crochet pattern myself. My sister taught me how to crochet when I was around ten years old, and I think she must have taught me how to read a written crochet pattern as well. I do remember having a list of common abbreviations to help me!

In this post I share a video tutorial with you taking you through a short pattern, explaining what it all means, and showing you step by step what the directions are telling you to do. I also have a free, downloadable crochet abbreviations cheat sheet for you. It is in my last post, which you can find by clicking here.

The crochet pattern with which I am working in the video tutorial below is my Gardens Galore Garland pattern (That’s a mouthful, I know). This pattern is pictured below and you can get the free pattern here from a previous blog post. It is a collection actually of five mini crochet patterns, five small motifs, that you can combine as you wish and attach as you go to a long crochet chain. It’s a fun, colorful, floral garland to decorate your patio, a bedroom, a mantelpiece, you name it.

This video specifically dials in on the tiny heart motif included in the pattern. So this video will also show you beginners how to crochet a heart as well as how to read a crochet pattern in the round. There are also various stitches and techniques you can pick up in this video. In other words, if you are still pretty new to crochet, there is a lot you can learn here!

Gardens Galore Garland, free crochet pattern for a floral spring garland, from Banana Moon Studio

I plan to make more videos like this one, teaching one small project at a time, how to read crochet patterns. If this type of video is helpful to you, I suggest you visit my YouTube channel and subscribe, or subscribe to my newsletter so that you will be notified of each video and post as they become available.

One additional thing I want to point out before you start the video, I am working in US terms in this video, as I do with all my patterns and videos. UK terms differ from US terms, so it’s important to know that.

Learning to read patterns video tutorial

And now, let’s learn to read a crochet pattern!

Please leave me comments below with your feedback! I want to know if this video helped you. What did I do that was helpful? What could I have done better? What do you want to learn from a future video?

Happy crocheting,

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Learn how to read a crochet pattern with this free video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio!

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