Learn to Crochet the Slip Stitch

Learn to crochet the slip stitch with this video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio!

Crochet beginners, I’d like to teach you another important and useful crochet stitch, the slip stitch. The slip stitch is the smallest of all crochet stitches, and is most often used to join one section of stitching to another. Some designers do use it as a stand-alone stitch and can do some pretty neat things with it! See the video below to learn how it’s done!

Slip stitch is abbreviated “sl st” in crochet patterns. If you are unsure about crochet abbreviations, be sure to grab my downloadable, printable crochet abbreviations list! You work this stitch without yarning over first. You place your hook into the designated spot, then pull your yarn through the stitch and the loop on your hook.

Let’s learn to crochet the slip stitch!

Looking for easy crochet patterns? Look here:

A super scarf that you will love for winter!

You can use your scrap yarn to make this pretty infinity scarf!

This cuff bracelet makes the perfect beginner’s project!

Happy stitching!


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Learn to crochet the slip stitch (sl st) video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio

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