Free Yarn Giveaway January 2022

3 Skeins of gray yarn called Berroco Remix, 100% recycled fibers. Collection of crochet and knitting notions in the background. Text reads: Banana Moon Studio. Yarn giveaway January 2022.

Yarn giveaway January 2022!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. The winner was selected on 1/31/2022 and it is CYNDI JACOBSON. If that’s not you, be on the lookout for another giveaway!

Welcome to my yarn giveaway for January 2022! The prize package for this giveaway includes three skeins of Berroco Remix worsted weight in color #3930 Smoke!

Berroco Remix is a unique yarn in that it is made of 100% recycled fibers! The fiber content is 30% Nylon, 27% Cotton, 24% Acrylic, 10% Silk, and 9% Linen. It is soft and has a tweed look to it. Remix also comes in light and bulky weights.

Berroco Remix yarns are made by shredding leftover fabric from the garment industry. Those leftover fabrics are already dyed and the shredded remains are blended carefully to create the colors of Remix yarn, which is not dyed again. You can read more about the making of Berroco Remix here.

Have you designed something in Berroco Remix?

As a matter of fact, I have! I designed a crochet top in the worsted weight yarn, and the three skeins in this giveaway are leftovers from that project.

This is Stigler Sweater. It is a comfy short-sleeved sweater with instructions in sizes from XS to 5X. Unfortunately, I don’t have a sweater’s quantity left over to share with you. You will need between 4 and 7 skeins to make Stigler Sweater, depending on which size you are making.

I’ve also designed a knit shawl in the light weight version of Berroco Remix. This is Ralston Shawl. It is so soft and beautiful! It makes a lovely statement piece over a dressy or casual outfit.

What is included in the prize package?

The winner of this giveaway will receive the three skeins of Berroco Remix and a Banana Moon Studio stitch marker and button with my vintage logo on them. Eventually I will get my new branding on some merch, but in the mean time, you can enjoy these and tell everyone that you knew and loved Banana Moon Studio way back when!

How do I enter this giveaway?

Because of outrageous shipping costs, only those in North America and Mexico are eligible to win this prize. My apologies to my yarn friends elsewhere. It’s just the way of it.

You have two entries available to you! You can enter by leaving a comment on this post.

You can get a second entry by signing up for my newsletter! All newsletter subscribers will automatically have one entry!

I will choose the winner via random number generator (each entry will be assigned a number) and announce winner on the 31st of January! I will email the winner using the email address you enter with your comment or email signup.

If you are not the lucky winner, you can purchase this great yarn from WEBS yarn store here.

Good luck in my yarn giveaway January 2022!

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Photo of three skeins of gray Berroco Remix yarn. Text reads: Berroco Remix yarn giveaway Januare 2022. Banana Moon Studio.

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    1. I love Remix yarn. It is luxurious but recycled. The Ralston Shawl caught my eye. Tank you for your generousity.

      1. That yarn sounds like fun it would be nice to work with. I love the concept. Good luck everyone.

      1. Love this group! Yarn is great giveaway! Thanks for sharing yarn and patterns. Such an inspiration!

  1. I LOVE good yarn and it’s hard to find around here. I already know what I’d make with this! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  2. Happy New Year. I have never used Berocco Remix before. I would love to try it. Thank you for having this wonderful giveaway.

  3. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this giveaway. I’m a complete newbie to yarn arts and I’m looking forward to learning to knit and crochet.

  4. I love yarn! The texture, softness and, colors! Thin, fat, bumpy, silky and, fuzzy yarns! I can’t wait to try your yarns!

  5. Thank you for starting off the New Year with such a generous gift to a lucky person! The yarn seems to be a very interesting mixture of fibers. May 2022 be a healthy and happy one for eveyone!

    1. I would love to try this yarn! I don’t have any budget for yarn at the moment and I’m going through withdrawals from not buying new yarn!

  6. Thank you for the opportunity to win this lovely yarn. I’m thinking of making mittens or house socks if I win.

  7. Thanks for the giveaway! So nice to start off the year trying to imagine how to use a different type of yarn?! Sweet little shell top, hmm?

  8. I’ve looked into this yarn so many times and all I could think of was another big name brand yarn company that also has recyled yarn and it is scratchy and not good for much. This having the list of what is in it helps ease my mind. You using it in a clothing item really helps me think that it must be more comfortable than that other brand. Thanks for the chance to try it out from your stash! Happy New Year.

  9. I love Remix yarn. It is luxurious but recycled. The Ralston Shawl caught my eye. Tank you for your generousity.

  10. Just as everyone is saying, I’m really interested in checking out this yarn! I’ve never used yarn made from fibers that are recycled in this way. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy new year!

  11. Happy New Year April! What a fun way to kick off 2022! I would love to try Berroco Remix yarn. Thanks for the chance! Good luck everyone!

  12. I am new beginner in crochet and am learning a lot about the different kinds of yarn. It’s exciting and I am grateful for your site and learning a lot from your pattterns. I am still kind of slow at it but I enjoy it so much. Thank you for the oppurtunity to win some new yarn I have never tried before. Happy New Year and I hope your businesss excels and prospers greatly in 2022.

  13. Oh! I haven’t tried this yarn yet. I have tried other Berroco yarn though. Love the tweed look of this yarn 🙂

  14. I haven’t tried this yarn yet so thanks for the chance to do so. I wish all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year. Take care.

  15. Been following you for years. Have made several patterns of yours.
    This is so awesome of you to do this giveaway!

  16. It’s an interesting process how they created this new Berroco Remix and Remix Light
    yarn into a pretty tweed look. Happy New Year to All!

  17. I love Berroco Remix, I’ve used both the worsted and the Lite. The worsted weight is my most favorite in the Denim and Rust colorways. Great giveaway, April, thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Thank you for the giveaway, as well as for all of the lovely patterns over the years! Your site is one of my favorites.

  19. Thank you for offering a chance at a giveaway! Best of luck to everyone! I am fascinated at the Berroco Remix yarn production… great way to reuse and recycle leftover fabric. I will try this yarn with a project this year for sure.

  20. I have not used this yarn before. The color would be great for a men’s sweater! Thank you for the offer!

  21. I didn’t know this yarn comes in different weights. Since I’m allergic to wool, I’m always looking for other possibilities.

  22. This yarn sounds great! I have a friend who is terribly allergic to animal fiber, so I am always looking for an alternative when I make her birthday and Christmas gifts. Thanks for the great give-away! Good Luck, everyone!

  23. Happy New Year!!! Thank you so much for a chance to win this yarn. I have not had a chance to try Berroco Remix. Good luck to everyone!

  24. Would love to give this yarn a try. I’ve used Berroco yarns before but never this one. Happy New Year! Stay safe.

  25. Oooh! I do love a good intrigue. I haven’t seen this yarn before. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  26. Thank you for a fab giveaway. I have never seen or used this yarn. I did however read your link, that’s so cool that it is actually to recycle like that.
    Happy 2022 from my house to yours.

  27. Very nice of you to share some yarn. I have wanted to try that yarn, but haven’t yet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. What a fun way to be introduced to your blog! This is a yarn I am not familiar with. It sounds quite yummy! Thanks for having such a generous give-a-way! Happy New Year!

  29. This is a great giveaway! It gives someone a chance to create with new yarn they might not be able to get another way. Happy 2022!!

  30. I’m really intrigued by this yarn! I’m all about recycled and nature products, and this yarn looks truly luxurious!

  31. Thank you for the chance to win this beautiful yarn. I’ve never used this brand before, and I would love to try it out.

      1. April, thank you for the giveaway. It would be great to try this recycled yarn. Happy New Year

  32. Happy New Year! This is definitely one of the yarns on my list to try this year.
    Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  33. I’m really interested in where they sourced the fibers to be recycled for this – it would be super interesting to see the whole production process

    1. So glad you love the shawl pattern and yarn! Just so you know, the yarn I’m giving away is worsted weight, but the shawl is made with a finer weight of yarn, so it won’t work for the shawl. <3

  34. Thank you for your generosity!
    I absolutely adore your new pattern!
    I’d be very grateful to be gifted such fabulous yarn! Truly blessed!.
    Michelle L

  35. This yarn looks so nice and super soft, really hope I win!! Can’t wait til end of month to find out ???????????? hurray thank you for giveaway!!

  36. Hi April,

    The Stigler Sweater looks so crisp & tweedy. I just love it! It definitely makes me want to try this Remix yarn. Thank you for this giveaway event. Happy New Year Everyone! Cheers!

  37. I just watched your Facebook live about granny stripes. I’m new to crochet and enjoyed your video. Thank you for sharing your expertise and I hope your family are back to normal soon. You have a very soothing teaching voice 🙂

  38. I just watched one of your live videos. That was fun! I didn’t recall seeing this yarn before and it sounds quite interesting! I hope I win some. 🙂 thank you for all you do for us yarn lovers

  39. Happened to your site through the winter fashion blog hop. I’m so happy to see another recycled fibers yarn. I am trying to be more ecologically minded in my crafting so this is perfect! Thank you.

    1. Hi, Alyssa! I’m so glad you found me! I don’t always use recycled yarn, but I do love it, so you’ll see that and other earth-friendly themes in my work sometimes. Welcome!