Free Patriotic Crochet Graph Pattern

Patriotic crochet graph pattern from Banana Moon Studio. Pixelated text reads: United States of America.

Remembering 9/11

This patriotic crochet graph pattern commemorates the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The image above shows what your item might look like made with the graph below. I haven’t actually made anything with it myself, but I wanted to mark this day with something here at Banana Moon Studio. You could use this crochet graph pattern for a C2C wall-hanging or blanket. It would work equally well with knit or crochet intarsia. You could even use it for cross stitch or needlepoint.

See my C2C, or corner to corner, tutorial here.

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My remembrance of 9/11

We all remember where we were and what we were doing when we heard the news that day. I was a student at the University of Oklahoma. I was in the student gym, lifting weights. The radio was on in the room. The DJs broke the news about the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. I thought, Oh no. What a tragic accident! Then a few minutes later, when the DJs broke the news about the second plane, I thought, as I’m sure everyone else did, Oh no! That wasn’t an accident! I felt afraid, angry, and sad. I spent hours and hours watching the news in between classes that day, and for many days thereafter.

20 years later

It is fitting that today I will be back at the University of Oklahoma. Today I will be there for a football game. I’m sure that there will be some special things done to commemorate the 9/11 attack of 20 years ago. I am so very grateful for our women and men in uniform that have spent the last 20 years protecting our freedom so that today we can be at peace and do joyful things like spectate at sporting events. I am awed, humbled, and grateful for our servicemembers and their families that have paid for my freedom with their lives. You have my sincere and reverent thanks, but it seems woefully inadequate.

Where were you that day? Where are you today?

United Crochet Graph Pattern

What happened that day was terrible. The people that did it deserved what they eventually got. I’m sure that for many, that day and that event can be nothing but awful. But the sense of UNITY that we all shared at that time was powerful. Today our culture, our country, and our world are so divided. My prayer today is that we learn to love each other again, that our country and our world be unified again. I hope that we will all take a look around us today and see the good in other people. Look for our common ground and build on that instead of calling out and amplifying our disagreements.

I made the word UNITED extra large in this graph because that was the beauty that came from the ashes of the tragedy of 9/11. Each side of this square graph contains 50 squares. I hope that if you make something from this crochet graph pattern that you will share the photos on my Facebook Group or on Instagram (be sure to tag me @bananamoonstudio).

All my love yarn friends,


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Crochet graph pattern free from Banana Moon Studio. Text reads: Untied States of America. See it now! Free colorwork graph! Crochet graph pattern free chart! BananaMoonStudio.com.

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