25 Projects to Crochet for Halloween

Photo collage of 8 projects to crochet for Halloween. Spiderweb coasters, a pumpkin hat, witch gnomes, a ghost ornament, eyeball coasters, a candy corn bunting, a black pillow with the word "spooky" in white, a haunted house tapestry wall hanging. The center panel is purple with text on it that reads: Crochet projects to make for Halloween. Banana Moon Studio.

Fun projects to crochet for Halloween

Are you looking for something cute and fun to crochet for Halloween? You’re in luck! In this crochet pattern roundup I’m sharing 25 cute crochet projects for the spooky season!

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This collection includes crochet projects to wear and many with which to decorate your home. I hope you enjoy these and have fun crocheting for Halloween!

Halloween crochet projects to wear

Child outside in the snow wearing a crochet beanie with the look of flames on it and an orange hoody.

Beanie on Fire from Toyslab Creations

The crochet Beanie on Fire hat uses tapestry crochet to make the burning flames on this winter hat. Use this colorwork technique to crochet this hat for Halloween!

Get the Beanie on Fire pattern here.

Crochet top and pants in children's sizes to look like pale green scrubs along with a set of children's doctor or nurse toys all on a cement surface.

Children’s Scrubs Costume from me!

The Children’s Scrubs Costume crochet pattern includes sizes 2-10. Kids can dress like nurses, doctors, dentists, or veterinarians with this cute crochet project for children.

Get the Children’s Scrubs Costume pattern here.

A woman and child each wearing fuzzy crochet headbands to look like animal ears. They stand in front of a wooden fence. Small sheep logo and the text The Loopy Lamb in the bottom, left corner.

Crochet Animal Ear Headbands from The Loopy Lamb

These crochet animal ear headbands are quick, easy and incredibly adorable. These ears are a perfect gift for children that like to dress up and they make a fantastic last-minute costume to crochet for Halloween. A pair can be made in less than 30 minutes and when made with the suggested yarn, they are irresistibly soft and realistic looking.

Get the Crochet Animal Ear Headbands pattern here.

Girl in front of a white background wearing a bright orange crochet hat to look like a pumpkin with stem and leaves on top. A circle with text in it reads Jo to the World Creations.

Crochet Pumpkin Hat from Jo to the World Creations

This free crochet pumpkin hat pattern is an easy to follow pattern with step by step instructions and lots of diagrams to help you make this adorable hat for the little pumpkin in your life!

Get the Crochet Pumpkin Hat pattern here.

Three colorful crochet beanies in different sizes with eyeballs, jagged teeth, and horns to look like monsters. Text on the image reads: RaffamusaDesigns.com.

Baby Monster Beanie from Raffamusa Designs

Keep your baby warm while trick-or-treating with this cute Baby Monster Beanie! The pattern comes in sizes from newborn to toddler.

Get the Baby Monster Beanie pattern here.

Crochet purple, black, and orange pointy crochet witch hat, dress, baby booties, and broom on a white furry background.

Witch Costume from Lovable Loops Crochet Designs

This adorable baby crochet pattern is written in sizes from newborn to 24 months! Dress your little one up for the holiday in style!

Get the Witch Costume pattern here.

Decorate your home with these Halloween crochet projects

Nubbly orange larger crochet pumpkin and smaller white crochet pumpkin each with a green crochet stem on a white surface with a plant in the background.

C2C Cluster Pumpkin from Made by Gootie

These small crochet pumpkins are worked from corner to corner with the unique C2C Cluster stitch to create beautifully textured crochet pumpkins. Use them to decorate for Halloween and all autumn long!

Get the C2C Cluster Pumpkin pattern here.

Triangular crochet pieces striped white, orange, and yellow attached by an orange chain bunting on a wooden surface with halloween candy and matching balls of yarn.

Candy Corn Bunting from Jen Hayes Creations

The Candy Corn Bunting is a beginner-friendly, simple, and festive way to decorate for the holidays. Crochet for Halloween and have this adorable, festive piece to decorate your home!

Get the Candy Corn Bunting pattern here.

A 3D crochet piece in orange and black to look like a snowglobe with small, plastic Halloween themed pieces attached. It sits on a white surface with a ceramic jack-o-lantern, fall leaves, spiderweb, and black spider in the background. Text on the image reads: GoldenLucyCrafts.

Halloween Snow Globe from GoldenLucyCrafts

This Halloween snow globe will make a beautiful decoration for this spooky holiday. Enjoy the project and then decorate your entry table, mantle, or entertainment center!

Get the Halloween Snow Globe pattern here.

Orange with black, gray with white, and black with white crochet coasters to look like spiderwebs on a white surface with a glass of green liquid and fall leaves. Text on the image reads: RaffamusaDesigns.com.

Spiderweb Coasters from Raffamusa Designs

Crochet these Spiderweb Coasters for a perfectly spooky Halloween party! Make sure to make a few extra as little gifts for your guests!

Get the Spiderweb Coasters pattern here.

Off-white crochet square with small holes in the shape of a pumpkin on a wooden surface with a mug of orange liquid and small wrapped candy bars.

Pumpkin Crochet Blanket Square from Knitting with Chopsticks

Crochet this simple pumpkin square for Halloween and use it as a hotpad, or combined with other squares to make a blanket or other festive projects!

Get the Pumpkin Crochet Blanket Square pattern here.

Three white wine bottles on a white surface each topped with a small crochet piece, a pumpkin, ghost, and witch hat. Fall leaf garland in the background. A circle with text in it reads: Jo to the World Creations.

Crochet Halloween Wine Bottle Toppers from Jo to the World Creations

Three free patterns crochet for Halloween! This pattern for wine bottle toppers includes a witch hat, ghost and pumpkin. All of them are very easy patterns and super quick to make, plus they use very little yarn (under 20 yds each). Make them for your own wine bottles or to give as a Halloween gift!

Get the Crochet Halloween Wine Bottle Toppers pattern here.

Six round crochet coasters to look like bloodshot eyeballs of various colors. One has a glass of red liquid sitting on it. Text on the image reads: Hooked on Patterns. A small strawberry is next to the text.

Eyeball Coasters from Hooked on Patterns

These fun creepy eyeball coasters are great for Halloween parties. Or you could even hang some in your window as Halloween decorations for your trick or treaters!

Get the Eyeball Coasters pattern here.

A black crochet coaster with a white ghost on it and black and white fringe along two sides on a white surface with 3 crochet pumpkins, a crochet hook, and a mug of liquid.

The Ghoster Coaster from The Loopy Lamb

Looking for a fun and festive Halloween crochet coaster pattern to display during the fall season? The Ghoster Coaster crochet pattern is a quick-to-make project that has zero ends to weave in! This tapestry crochet project uses only two different colours, making it a great way to practice colourwork crochet with ease.

Get the Ghoster Coaster pattern here.

A white granny stitch crochet piece with two small felt ovals for eyes hanging from a banister with a shiny fall garland around it. White stair rail, brown steps, and cream wall are in the background. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Granny Ghost from Banana Moon Studio (me!)

Granny Ghost is the cutest little hanging ghost ornament to crochet for Halloween. Hang it from a rearview mirror or cabinet knob, or make several and hang them from a mantel or banister!

Get the Granny Ghost pattern here.

A black and orange striped crochet coaster with fringe sits on a white surface with fall leaves and acorns. A pine tree logo and the words "Pine Tree Crochet" are in the bottom left corner.

Halloween Mug Rug from Pine Tree Crochet

Grab some yarn from your stash and add some fun accents to any table or room with this easy Halloween Mug Rug!

Get the Halloween Mug Rug pattern here.

A blue crochet pumpkin with black ridges, leaves, and stem sits on a white surface with green leaves and a white flower in front of a wooden background.

Poinsettia Pumpkin from Fosbas Designs

This beautiful shape creates the perfect pumpkin to crochet for Halloween! The free pattern comes in 3 different sizes with tips on how to customize yours even further.

Get the Poinsettia Pumpkin pattern here.

A small orange crochet pumpkin that opens with a matching lid and has candy inside. It sits on a white background. Text on the image reads: Hooked On Patterns. A small strawberry is next to the text.

Pumpkin Pots from Hooked on Patterns

These cute little pumpkin shaped pots are perfect for hiding your Halloween treats. They would also make fantastic costume contest prizes!

Get the Pumpkin Pots pattern here.

A small curly crochet piece with a pumpkin for a head sits on a white surface with two gourds.

Pumpkin Worry Worm from Start Crochet

Make someone smile with this cute Pumpkin Worry Worm this fall. Great for Halloween gifts, use as a fidget in a classroom or hand out to someone who needs a hug.

Get the Pumpkin Worry Worm pattern here.

Orange and black crochet pumpkins with wooden stems and crochet leaves sit in a basket with a gingham cloth. The basket sits in front of a brick wall. A black pine tree and the text "Pine Tree Crochet" are in the bottom, left corner of the image.

Ridgeline Pumpkin from Pine Tree Crochet

The Ridgeline Pumpkin is a fun and easy stash busting pattern to crochet for Halloween! It has lots of texture and works up quickly with only a 2 row repeat!

Get the Ridgeline Pumpkin pattern here.

A woman in a dark orange tank top stands in a room decorated for fall holding a black rectangular crochet pillow with the word "spooky" stitched in white on the front of it.

Spooky Crochet Pillow from Briana K Designs

What is more fun this time of year than creating your very own crochet for Halloween? The Spooky Crochet Pillow Pattern will liven up your home decor for the fall season. This Halloween crochet idea is a quick and easy project for the beginner crocheter. With only working two colors, it can be an excellent introduction to crochet colorwork.

Get the Spooky Crochet Pillow pattern here.

Crochet wall-hanging attached to a stick at the top. The tapestry piece depicts a haunted house in front of a large full moon with a bare tree, cross gravestone, and bats around it. Black fringe is on the bottom of it. Text at the bottom reads: RaffamusaDesigns.com.

Haunted House Wall Hanging from Raffamusa Designs

Ready for some Halloween fun?! Crochet this super scary tapestry crochet Haunted House Wall Hanging to liven up your festivities!

Get the Haunted House Wall Hanging pattern here.

A small crochet doll with black hair, black eyes, black cape and pants, white shirt, and red bowtie stands on a wooden surface.

Viktor the Vampire from Chai Coffee Crochet

Viktor the Vampire is such a cute little vampire. He works up super fast – in just a couple of hours! He’s such a fun crochet project for Halloween!

Get the Viktor the Vampire pattern here.

Three intricate crochet gnomes with witch hats, braids, striped stockings, and boots sit on a table along with small brooms, cauldron, balls of yarn, and cups of crochet hooks. A small yarn ball with crochet hook and text at the bottom left of the image reads: JenHayesCreations.com.

Witch Gnome from Jen Hayes Creations

A Happy Halloween was never so certain with the charm of this adorable Crochet Witch Gnome amongst your decor. With her cute dress, stylish hat, braids, striped leggings, and boots she’s sure to bewitch all who see her!

Get the Witch Gnome pattern here.

A small crochet doll with a black hat and top, purple skirt, and orange hair to look like a little witch sits on a wooden surface.

Zeena the Mini Witch from Chai Coffee Crochet

Zeena the Mini Witch is the perfect project for Halloween. At just 4.5 inches tall, she works up really fast!

Get the Zeena the Mini Witch pattern here.

Hope you love this collection of fun Halloween crochet patterns! Which ones will you make? Come share your crochet makes for Halloween in my Facebook group!

Happy crocheting!

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Photo collage of Halloween crochet projects. A small crochet witch amigurumi, 3 crochet pumpkins in a basket, and a woman and child wearing fuzzy, crochet animal ears. Aqua panel with text reads: 25 Crochet projects for Halloween. Banana Moon Studio.
Photo collage of five crochet projects. An orange and black crochet "snowglobe," a beanie with flames on it, a pumpkin crochet square, Pumpkin and ghost wine bottle toppers, and black and white tapestry crochet ghost coaster. A purple panel with candy corn on it sits bottom, center. A white panel with text reads: 25 Festive Halloween crochet projects. Banana Moon Studio.
Three photos of Halloween crochet projects: A candy corn crochet bunting, a children's scrubs costume, and crochet pumpkins. A dark purple panel at the bottom, right with text reads: 25 Halloween crochet patterns. Banana Moon Studio.
Collage of four photos of Halloween crochet projects. Eyeball crochet coasters, haunted house tapestry wall hanging, black and white pillow with the word "spooky" on it, and witch gnomes. An aqua panel in the center with text reads: Banana Moon Studio. 25 Halloween crochet patterns. A crochet pattern roundup.
A collage of 4 crochet project photos: an orange pumpkin beanie, three sizes of monster baby hats, a vampire amigurumi, and a white hanging ghost ornament. Aqua and purple banners with text read: Crochet for Halloween. Banana Moon Studio.

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