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How to Crochet the Haileyville Hat and Cowl

How to crochet a hat and cowl. Free patterns and videos from Banana Moon Studio. Purplish pink crochet hat and cowl on a gray background. Text reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Haileyville Hat and Cowl tutorials

I recently designed the free Haileyville Hat and matching Cowl crochet patterns. The first video in this post will show you how to crochet the ribbed band at the bottom of the hat. The second video shows you the stitch pattern that I used to create the diagonal lines on the hat and cowl, as well as some of the other parts of crocheting the hat.

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How to crochet a ribbed hat band

Ribbed hat bands can be made in a few different ways. The method I chose for this pattern uses single crochet stitched into the back loop only of the stitches below. This creates a very stretchy material with ridges on it, so it’s an excellent choice for ribbing! Learning to crochet this band is the first step in learning how to crochet the Haileyville Hat.

You’ll also find that many other crochet hats use this same technique, so this tutorial will be helpful for many hats.

Crocheting into the back loop is easy. In fact, many beginning crocheters do this without realizing there is anything special about it.

If a pattern does not call for placing your stitches in one loop or the other, you should place your stitches under both loops, as this produces a smoother fabric without lines or ridges on it. Crocheting into only one loop when it’s not called for can also affect the size of your finished piece and the drape of the fabric.

When you look at the stitch you are working into, the back loop is the one furthest from you. The loop closer to you is considered the front loop.

This first video will show you how to make the ribbed band for the bottom of the hat. If you’re only making the cowl, there’s help for you in Part 2.

The body of the hat and the crown decreases

After making and seaming the ribbed hat band, the next step in learning how to crochet a hat is stitching the first round of the hat body right into the side of the hat band. This isn’t difficult either, but a lot of crocheters that haven’t done this before experience some anxiety at not knowing exactly where to put the hook.

Two tips. First, always place your hook under at least 2 strands of yarn when stitching into the sides of your rows, or “row ends,” as they are called. Second, choose a spot to place your stitch, and try to be consistent about the placement in subsequent rows.

The main pattern stitch for this hat is the half double crochet stitch. This stitch is a little strange in that the top of it sits to the side of the body, or post, of the stitch. When you finish a stitch, the top sits to the right of the post. When you turn your work and are looking at the back of the stitch, the top sits to the left of the post.

With the chain spaces in these patterns, it’s important to keep that in mind as you work so that you can identify where the chains are and where the tops of the stitches are. If you aren’t keeping this in mind, it can be easy to confuse a chain with the top of a stitch.

This second video will show you how to start the body of the hat. You’ll see how to stitch into the side of the ribbed band, how to deal with the odd configuration of the half-double crochet stitch, and how to work the decreases when you get to the crown of the hat.

If you are only making the cowl, you may find it helpful to watch this second video, starting at about 5:30. This will show you how to get your stitches and chain spaces in the correct spots.

I hope you’ve had success in learning how to crochet these pretty accessories! Please be sure to leave comments or use my contact page if you have further questions!

Happy stitching!

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