Anniversary Gifts for Crocheters and Knitters

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What do you get someone who loves to crochet or knit?

Recently my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary.  So I can very confidently recommend what to buy as anniversary gifts for crocheters. First up, yarn!

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We had 2 1/2 days to be away from home and just be grown-ups and enjoy being together. We did several fun things. But the first place we went was, of course, the yarn store!  Not because I needed to, but just because I wanted to, and I could without having to keep my kids from grabbing everything.  So, of course I had to buy something, and I chose the yarn below which is Feza Alp Premier (colorway #023).  This is a high-end novelty yarn and is just gorgeous!!!

Skein of novelty yarn called Alp Premier from Feza yarns. the yarn has ribbons, sequins, and more in turquoise, yellow, and pink.

(C) Feza Yarns, used with permission

It is 210 yds of “Mixed Content” lengths of interesting yarns tied together at the ends. There is ribbon yarn, a fuzzy yarn a little like an eyelash yarn, and ladder yarn. A Ravelry search turned up lots of great ideas for projects! Click here to see those. I’m thinking of making a wrap with it.

Well, as we were perusing, I spoke briefly with one of the co-owners of the store and mentioned that we were celebrating our anniversary.  Shortly before we left he mentioned that he was “pretty sure” (with a wink) that the “official” gift for the 9th anniversary was yarn, as opposed to the schedule of gemstones that has been concocted by jewelers for nearly every anniversary there is.  I told him that I was “pretty sure” (with a wink) that there was some type of yarn associated with every anniversary, not just the 9th one!

Well, this turned out to be self-fulfilling prophecy!  As Mr. AC and I drove around to our various activities that day we put together the now “official” list of anniversary gifts for crocheters and knitters.  Now you can show this to your spouse and reassure him/her that “yarn is after all cheaper than gemstones,” with a nice big grin or some puppy-dog eyes, whichever is most effective in your relationship.

Yarn anniversary gifts by year!

First anniversary

For your first anniversary, I suggest a colorful variegated yarn like We Crochet Muse. This come in 26 gorgeous handpainted colorways. It’s a heavy worsted, or aran weight. It’s 100% Superwash Merino wool and has 114 yds per 100g hank. Trust me, they’ll love it!

Second anniversary

For your second anniversary, look for a high end acrylic like We Crochet Brava Worsted. This is a soft acrylic yarn that comes in 50 solid colors and a host of additional tweeds, stripes, and speckles. Grab 2 or 3 skeins in their favorite color and they’ll be delighted with the gift! This is a classic worsted weight yarn with 218 yds per 100g skein.

Third anniversary

As third anniversary gifts for crocheters and knitters, go for some lovely cotton yarn like We Crochet Shine Sport! This soft and lovely sport weight yarn is about 60% Pima Cotton (the good kind!) and 40% Modal, which is derived from Beech wood. If that sounds rough, no worries, it’s actually really soft. You’ll find 30 colors to choose from with 50g skeins each having 110 yds. You’ll want to get at least a few of these, as they’re small skeins.

If you get Shine Sport as an anniversary gift for your crocheter, share the link with them to my crochet design Tropic Top! It was made in Shine Sport. They will need 6 to 12 skeins depending on their size.

Woman wearing a fuchsia crochet lace top over a white cami and blue jeans. She stands in front of a stone wall with a garden and park in the background. Text reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Fourth anniversary

The fourth anniversary is for striping yarns like Lion Brand Mandala. This cake yarn has been super popular as it takes all the guesswork out of choosing a color palette! It comes in 27 colorways each with bold color combos that they’ll love. It’s a DK weight yarn. Each cake is 150g with a generous 590 yds per cake. One or two of these makes an excellent gift, but when it comes to yarn, more is always better!

If you purchase Mandala as a gift for your favorite knitter, be sure to share the link with them for my Minco Shawl, which is a knitting pattern that uses 2 cakes of Mandala. It’s an easy fringed shawl that your sweetheart is bound to love!

Woman standing in the winter woods wearing a brightly-colored knit shawl in yellow, turquoise, and purple. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Fifth anniversary

For your fifth anniversary, let’s return to cotton again, ensuring that we are getting Pima Cotton, one of the softest, nicest cottons out there. We Crochet Comfy yarn comes in worsted, sport, and fingering weights, so you can choose a thicker yarn, or a thinner yarn. I recommend the Comfy fingering weight as I’ve designed a few different crochet patterns in this one. Each ball is 50g in weight and 218 yds in length.

If you settle on this yarn, grab the link for my Marietta Kerchief as well and share that with them. It takes just one ball of yarn, so you could get a few different colors of the Comfy yarn and they could make more than one!

A girl sitting on a bench by the water wearing a lacy crochet hair kerchief over her long, brown hair. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Sixth anniversary

As sixth anniversary gifts for crocheters and knitters, I suggest some beautifully soft bamboo yarn like Lion Brand Truboo. Bamboo doesn’t sound soft either, but believe it or not, bamboo yarn is well known for being soft and a little shiny. This yarn comes in 100g skeins with 241 yds. It’s a DK weight and comes in 32 colors.

Seventh anniversary

For the seventh anniversary, I suggest a good classic wool like Wool of the Andes from We Crochet. It’s a worsted weight yarn made of 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. It comes in an astounding array of 101 different colors! Each 50g skein includes 110 yds of worsted weight yarn. This yarn is going to be durable and produce beautiful texture and colorwork.

Eighth anniversary

Then for the eighth anniversary, we move to Merino wool like We Crochet’s Swish Worsted. Merino wool is also beautiful for colorwork and texture, but it’s softer than many other wools. It’s also machine washable, so it’s a little easier to care for. This yarn also comes in DK and bulky weights. Each skein of the worsted weight is about 50g and includes 110 yds of yarn. Choose their favorite color out of the 47 color options.

And if your crocheter would like a free pattern to go with the Swish worsted gift, direct them to my Cleveland Cabled Scarf pattern. To complete this scarf, they will need six skeins of Swish Worsted.

Woman standing outside in a field surrounded by trees wearing a long sleeved navy blue tee and a bright yellow cabled crochet scarf. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Ninth anniversary

As ninth anniversary gifts for crocheters and knitters, your sweetheart will love some alpaca yarn like Alpaca Cloud DK from We Crochet and Knit Picks! Alpaca yarn is so soft, and the Alpaca Cloud is made from baby alpaca fiber, or from the animals first shearing, so it’s suuuuper soft! This DK weight yarn comes in 50g balls with 123 yds each. There are 21 colors to choose from. Get 3 or 4 balls and they’ll be able to make a lovely scarf or shawl out of it. Get several skeins if they would prefer to make a sweater.

Tenth anniversary

For your tenth anniversary, first congratulations! What a wonderful milestone! This year, get worsted weight yarn like Chroma Worsted from We Crochet and Knit Picks. The colors in this striping yarn are lovely and it’s very soft. There are 198 yds in each 100g ball of this yarn. There are 25 colorways to choose from.

If your crocheting sweetheart needs a pattern to go with this yarn purchase, my Hinton Hat crochet pattern has been very popular. Share the link with them and they’ll have everything they need to get started.

Teal, aqua, brown, and bright green striped crochet hat with folded up brim and ribbing throught on a white lace background with a wooden crochet hook and a ball of matching yarn labled "Chroma." Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Eleventh anniversary

For your eleventh anniversary choose a bulky weight yarn. This is a little thicker than a worsted weight yarn. One of my favorite bulky weight yarns is Wonderfluff from We Crochet and Knit Picks. It is very soft and a little fuzzy feeling but still makes beautiful colorwork pieces. Each 50g skeins includes 142 yds of yarn. This comes in 22 different colors.

If your gift recipient is a crocheter, and you decide to purchase some Wonderfluff for them, direct them to my Savanna Scarf. It’s a plaid infinity scarf made with four colors of Wonderfluff yarn.

A woman standing outside wearing a pale blue t-shirt and a plaid crochet infinity scarf wrapped twice around her neck. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Twelfth anniversary

For your twelfth anniversary, get your spouse DK weight yarn. My favorite DK weight yarn of all time is Valley Yarns Superwash DK. I’ve designed a dozen different projects in it. It’s a 100% Merino Superwash yarn that is lovely to use and wear. It’s very soft. It comes in 26 different colors. Each 50g ball contains 137 yds.

If your crocheter receives this yarn as a gift, you can direct them to my Pond Creek Pillow crochet pattern, which uses three colors.

Yellow, white, and blue pillow sitting on a blue chair outside. This is a round, crochet pillow with a pretty mandala on front. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Thirteenth anniversary

As thirteenth anniversary gifts for crocheters and knitters, I suggest sock or fingering weight yarn for your sweetheart! There are loads of hand dyers in the industry that you could purchase pretty sock yarn from. One of my favorites is Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts out of Canada. You can see all of their in stock fingering weight yarn here.

If your partner is a knitter, you can direct them to my free sock knitting pattern, Catoosa Socks, which was designed in the color Mint Chocolate Chip from Ancient Arts.

Pair of mint green socks on feet laying on top of small, green plants. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Fourteenth anniversary

Lace weight yarn is the featured choice for the fourteenth anniversary. If you want to make this one super special I recommend Gloss Lace from We Crochet & Knit Picks. This beautiful yarn is 70% Superwash Merino and 30% Silk. It comes in 15 colors and each 50g skein includes 440 yds of yarn.

Fifteenth anniversary

For your fifteenth anniversary, first congratulations! For every five years after this, you’ll want to get your sweetheart something really luxurious! This year, get camel yarn. Believe it or not, baby camel fiber is very soft. It’s not super common either, but Simply Camel from Purl Soho is 100% undyed baby camel, so it just comes in one color. Each 50g skein includes about 164 yds of fingering weight lusciousness!

Twentieth anniversary

Anniversary number 20 calls for something really special. Alpaca Silk is just the thing, like Alpaca Silk DK from Expression Fiber Arts. This is a hand dyed yarn available in many beautiful colors. Each 100g skeins of DK weight yarn includes about 230 yds of yarn.

Twenty-fifth anniversary

For your 25th anniversary, you’ll want to spoil your spouse with pure silk yarn like Luminance Lace from We Crochet & Knit Picks. This lace weight yarn comes in 50g hanks of 439 yds each. It comes in 15 beautiful shades.

Thirtieth anniversary

As thirtieth anniversary gifts for crocheters and knitters, it’s time to get Yak yarn like Merino, Yak, Alpaca from Lion Brand. This ultra luxurious yarn comes in 9 colors. Each 50g skein includes 126 yds of worsted weight yarn. You’ll want to get maybe 3 or more balls of this yarn, as they are small for worsted weight yarn.

Thirty-fifth anniversary

For your thirty-fifth anniversary, it’s time to get your sweetheart mohair yarn, like Aloft Super Kid Mohair from We Crochet and Knit Picks. This luxurious yarn is a blend of 72% Kid Mohair and 28% Silk. This lace weight yarn will make gorgeous and delicate shawl, scarf, or top. Each 25g ball includes 260 yds of lace weight yarn. Two or three balls would allow them to make something lovely with it.

Fortieth anniversary

For the fortieth anniversary, spoil your partner with angora yarn, like Juniper Moon Farm Beatrix. This is a bulky weight yarn that comes in 50g balls of 109 yds each. It is 54% Merino Wool, 30% Angora, and 16% Nylon. It’s very common for angora to be mixed with wool. This yarn comes in 25 different colors.

Forty-fifth anniversary

Your forty-fifth anniversary is here! What a blessing to have such loyalty. Congratulations! This anniversary needs something special, and there aren’t many fibers more special than cashmere! Rowan Pure Cashmere is sure to be a winner this year! This dreamy soft DK weight yarn comes in 13 colors. Each 50g skein includes 150 yds of yarn. One or two skeins could make gloves or a hat. Several could make a shawl or sweater.

Fiftieth anniversary

Your fiftieth anniversary deserves to be a huge celebration! A special occasion like this deserves the most special yarn of all. As fiftieth anniversary gifts for crocheters and knitters, I recommend Qiviut yarn like those from Windy Valley Muskox. They have a few different options, some pure qiviut and some blended. The balls of this yarn are very small, only 28g, and are all lace weight with about 217 yds of yarn per ball. They come in a large variety of beautiful colors.

After your fiftieth wedding anniversary, there will likely be more to enjoy. You can choose any of the lovely yarn in this list that you’ve missed, others you’ve come across in your search for the perfect gift, or some of the additional gift ideas below.

Other gifts for crocheters and knitters

Belive it or not, crocheters and knitters like additional things besides yarn! Below are a few more ideas that your sweetheart is sure to love!

A wooden yarn swift from We Crochet or Knit Picks is a tool that any yarn-crafter should have, especially if they enjoy hand dyed and luxury yarn.

A ball winder is a companion to a swift, allowing a crocheter or knitter to quickly wind that hand dyed or luxury yarn into a usable yarn “cake.”

A yarn bowl is also an excellent choice for anniversary gifts for crocheters and knitters. My favorites are ceramic. These tend to be heavier than metal or wooden bowls, so it gives you a little something to pull against and is less likely to get pulled onto the floor by your tugging. New Moon Studio on Etsy has several lovely choices!

Dark gray ceramic yarn bowl with variegated yarn inside. It sits on a white lace surface with other skeins of yarn in the background. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Crocheters will love luxury crochet hooks from Furl’s Fiberarts! These feature an thicker, ergonomic handle. My favorites are their streamline resin crochet hooks, which come in many pretty, swirling colors.

Set of five Fulr's streamline resin crochet hooks on a wooden stand with a wooden surface, a plant, and a white crochet piece in the background.

And for the knitters, an interchangeable set of circular knitting needles will be just the thing! The Prism Aluminum Options Interchangeable Circular Set from Knit Picks is made of metal, which makes for speedy knitting, and colorful, so it’s pretty, which always makes a tool more fun to use!

I’d love to hear what you think about my yarn anniversary list! Did you get your sweetheart a gift suggested hear? Please tell me about it in the comments!

Happy gifting!

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