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17 Knit and Crochet Costume Patterns for Kids

Knit and crochet costume patterns for kids

As we get a little closer to fall it might be time to start thinking about costumes! Since I recently designed a scrubs crochet costume pattern for kids I thought that a round-up of knit and crochet costume patterns for kids would be perfect! I had quite a fun time looking around on the internet for costumes to crochet and knit! There are some amazingly creative crafters out there and the things they do with yarn are fun, interesting, quirky, and sometimes breathtaking! I narrowed down my search to 17 costume ideas to fit kids. Take a look with me!

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Why crochet or knit a costume for your kids?

Crochet and knit fabrics are incredibly versatile. You can produce shaped things stuffed with fiberfil. You can produce wigs, beards, swords, baskets, dresses, onesies, you name it! The only limit to what you can make is your imagination…and skills. If there is a character that your child loves, you can make a very accurate replica with the right yarn and some determination!

I did find a number of knit and crochet costume patterns that were based on licensed characters. I did not include any of those here, because I don’t want to get wrapped up in licensing disputes. However, if you are looking for something like that, there’s a good chance you can find it!

What if I can’t find a pattern for the costume my child wants?

You may not be able to find an exact pattern for the costume your child wants. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it. Sometimes you can start with something that is basically the same, and just make it in a different color, or with a slight alteration and it will work perfectly!

And now the crochet costume patterns!

baby in a crochet bat costume with a black hat and bat ears, a black crochet onesie with bat wings between the arms and body.

The Baby Bat Costume crochet pattern is from Amanda Saladin of Love Life Yarn. This is a free pattern that is available in two baby sizes: 6 and 12 months. This adorable pattern includes a hat with bat ears and a long-sleeved onesie with bat wings between the arms and body. Sometimes where we live it is cold in October, so if my baby were wearing this for Halloween I would probably add some black tights or leggings. So cute!

Get the free crochet pattern here.

Baby lying down wearing a crochet shark hat with a brim that has crochet shark teeth on it. The hat has a fin on the top and two black eyes.

The Baby Shark Sun Hat crochet pattern from Jo to the World Creations is an adorable pattern in sizes for babies, toddlers, and children. It’s free on the website and will be a perfect summertime, poolside accessory to shade the child’s face, but will work equally well for Halloween or dress up for shark lovers!

Get the free crochet pattern here.

Crochet top and pants to look like doctor's scrubs lying on a cement background. Various children's doctor toys and bag. Text reads: BananaMoonStudio.com.

My Children’s Scrubs Costume crochet pattern is written in children’s sizes 2-10 and is the perfect way to dress up as a modern-day hero! It works for dress-up, career day at school, or Halloween! The crochet pattern is free!

Get the free crochet pattern here.

A child wearing purple hat with black crochet "spider eyes" on it, a purple crochet sweater with crochet "spider legs" also in purple, attached to the sides, and a back skirt with gray lines to look like a spiders web. Wooden fence and green plants in the background. Designer's logo reads: Nine Inspired and has blue mountains on it.

Easy Spider Legs and Eyes are some additions you can make to a solid colored shirt and hat to make a quick spider costume! The free crochet pattern is from Angela Ader of Nine Inspired. The designer also has this “Spider Silk Skirt” that she recommends to go along with the spider legs and eyes. They pair so perfectly!

Get the free crochet pattern here.

An adult is wearing a gray Viking style crochet hat with lines and bobbles on it. There is a crochet white "horn" on each side of the hat. The adult is looking down. They are holding a child that is wearing a smaller version of the same crochet hat and the child is looking up at the camera.

Lael Viking Helmet is a really great crochet pattern from Mamachee! It is available in sizes from baby to adult so you can have a whole family of vikings with this pattern! I can just see the family costume opportunities, which my teenage daughters would not appreciate, LOL! This paid crochet pattern could also go fantastically well with a crochet beard.

Get the paid crochet pattern here.

Pale brown pointed hat with a ruffle around the brim that is edged with a darker brown. There is an orange rectangula "patch" that is stitch on with long brown stitches. There is a drawstring around the bottom of the hat.

This sweet Scarecrow Hat crochet pattern makes a quick, classic Halloween costume! You could also use it as a fall decor piece if you prefer that. It was designed by Melissa Hassler of Lovable Loops Crochet Designs. The pattern is written in sizes from baby to adult and is free on the designer’s website!

Get the free crochet pattern here.

Young child wearing a hat in two shades of green that resembles the shell of a box turtle. There are two round eyeballs on the front as turtle eyes. The child is on the ground, outside.

Turtle Hat is a crochet pattern by Sandy Powers. This adorable hat crochet pattern is available in three sizes from baby to adult. Turtles are a favorite of many children, so I know there are a bunch of kids out there that will love one of these clever hats! The paid crochet pattern is available on Ravelry.

Get the paid crochet pattern here.

Head mannequin on a white table with a white wall in the background. On the mannequin is a crochet headdress that looks like the gold and navy blue one worn by ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

Okay, wow! Right?! I was blown away by this one. King Tut Headdress is a crochet pattern designed by Cathy Ren. Maybe pair this with an artfully wrapped white sheet and your kiddo will have a perfect Egyptian pharaoh costume! This pattern includes 4 sizes from 20-23.5″ head circumferences, so probably not for really young kids, but my tweens fit into those sizes. This is a paid pattern available on Ravelry.

Get the paid crochet pattern here.

Woman in a hot pink, long-sleeved onesie with shorts, and cat ears on the hood. Also, a baby or toddler wearing a teal hooded onesie with long pants and long sleeves. Text reads: Crochetverse.

Blank Canvas Onesie is actually a really great base layer you can use to make many costumes. This was designed by Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse. My friends, if you are into crochet costume patterns, you’ve GOT to check out this maker’s Instagram channel. Her work is amazing! If you are looking to make an animal costume, make it in the appropriate color and add ears and a tail. You can customize this base layer in an endless number of ways to make just the perfect costume for adults and children! The crochet pattern is written in *eleven* sizes from newborn to Men’s XL! The paid pattern is available on Ravelry.

Get the paid crochet pattern here.

Young child wearing a pink "princess" dress, ballet flats, and a golden yellow crochet cape with a lacy collar and edging. She is holding a small, plastic cauldron and there is a background of black and iridescent green material and artificial spider webs.

This is a free crochet pattern that I designed years ago for Red Heart, and it is available free from Yarnspirations! They have many crochet costume patterns on their site. This cape is one size, with a neck circumference of about 17″. This pattern is called Cape for a Princess. It’s a great accessory for princesses and magical beings to keep a little extra warm while trick-or-treating, just in case their magic can’t do that for them, wink.

Get the free crochet pattern here.

Crochet hat, diaper cover, mitts, and booties to look like a sloth. On a wooden background.

Baby Sloth Costume Outfit is a crochet pattern from Nycole of Baby Baum Boutique. This will make an adorable set for newborn pictures, but with a matching onesie would also be perfect to dress up your newborn for Halloween! The paid crochet pattern is available in one size, 0-3 months.

Get the paid crochet pattern here.

Child dressed in a crochet costume and standing on cement with a wooden shingle wall behind them. The child is wearing a red headband with horns on it, a gray dress with white collar and edgings and a pink octopus applique on it. They are wearing a yellow star shaped purse with a cross-body strap, striped pink and purple tights, and pink rain boots. They are holding up a scepter that is purple and white with a gold star on it.

Wayward Princess Dress is a crochet pattern from Angela Ader of Nine Inspired. With the optional octopus applique, this basic dress with peter pan collar could make an excellent base layer for many crochet costume patterns! Customize it with the colors, patterns, and appliques that are just right for your desired costume! The paid pattern is available in children’s sizes 2-10!

Get the paid crochet pattern here.

Woman wearing a white and rainbow-colored unicorn hood and emerald green camisole. She has long purple hair. The unicorn hood is mostly white, with rainbow main, silver horn, rainbow stripes, and purple pom poms on the ends.

Order of the Unicorn Hood is a fantastic crochet pattern from Stephanie Pokorny of Crochetverse. When made according to the pattern, the hood fits most people from preteens to adults. This paid pattern is part of a set of other unicorn crochet costume patterns from the same designer, but just this one alone with a pair of white sweats would make a great costume for older kids, or a great dress-up piece for elementary age kiddos!

Get the paid crochet pattern here.

Knit costume patterns

Child wearing a small knit crown that is golden yellow. Off-white background.

Circlet is a knitting pattern from Dani Sunshine of Lioness Arts! This simple crown is one for the prince or princess that appreciates the understated look. The free pattern is written in sizes from baby to adult. Make one for the whole family and you can all pick your favorite queen, king, prince, princess, duke, or duchess to impersonate!

Get the free knitting pattern here.

Baby wearing an orange headband with ears and a matching onesie with a tail. The baby is sitting on a brown blanket with green grass and fallen leaves in the background.

Baby Kitty Costume is from Amanda Saladin of Love Life Yarn. This sweet cat costume is a knitting pattern in baby sizes 6 and 12 months. As a bonus, you could make the tail removable and have a functional onesie for every day too! The pattern is free on the designer’s website!

Get the free knitting pattern here.

Very young baby laying on a furry background, wearing an orange, knit hat with ears to look like a fox. Baby is wearing a white onesie with long sleeves.

Woodland Fox Baby is a free knitting pattern from Kristen Cooper of 400 Square Ft Living. Isn’t this adorable?! I could see this with a matching onesie and white tights. The knit hat pattern is available in baby sizes from 3 to 12 months. I’m sure it works up quickly since it is so small and looks to be made with a fairly heavy yarn.

Get the free knitting pattern here.

Young teen wearing a red shirt, a knit hauberk that looks much like chainmail, a belt, and scabbard, and holding a toy sword. Palm trees in the background.

Kara Shallenberg has designed this Chainmail Hauberk for a Young Knight. This is a free knitting pattern in one size. It is modeled on tweens and possibly young teens, but it looks like it may be stretchy enough to fit a small adult too! I love how the knit garter stitch actually looks a lot like chainmail!

Get the free knitting pattern here.

And there you go, 17 knit and crochet costume patterns! Are you feeling inspired to make a crochet or knit costume for someone? What costume items have you made in the past?

Happy stitching,

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Photo collage of three photos. First photo shows crochet costume scrubs set in pale green on a gray background with children's doctor toys. Second photo shows a baby in a black crochet bat hat and onesie on a furry background. Third photo shows a pale brown, pointed "scarecrow" hat with an orange "patch" and ruffled brim with green woods and grass in the background. Text reads: 17 Crochet & Knit costume patterns for kids. Round-up! Love Life Yarn. Lovable Loops. Banana Moon Studio.

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