C2C Crochet Tutorial Video

Photo of a small C2C crochet swatch and graph along with a crochet hook and the corner of a notions bag on a wooden surface. Text reads: C2C crochet tutorial video. Banana Moon Studio.

A C2C crochet tutorial

The Corner to Corner, or C2C, stitch has become very popular, so I thought a C2C crochet tutorial might be helpful! When working in C2C you are making squares or rectangles. People often make charts or graphs to show colorwork patterns that can be accomplished with C2C, though you can use the corner to corner stitch all in one color if you like. In fact, that might be really pretty in a striping yarn like Lion Brand Yarn Just My Stripe.

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As you crochet in C2C you’ll want to learn how to begin your project, how to change colors, how to increase, how to decrease or turn corners, and how to finish your corner to corner project.

Where to find C2C graphs

There are many variations of colorwork patterns available in this technique. In fact, the sky’s the limit! People use C2C to create pictures, words, and geometric designs. But if you are going to do some type of colorwork pattern, you’ll either want to purchase or use a free graph, or make your own.

I make my C2C graphs in MS Excel. Make all your boxes the same size and then use the fill tool to fill the boxes with color. Tinker with your color placement until you have achieved the look that you want. Set your print area to include your whole graph, and then you can print it.

If you are looking for a C2C graph to buy or obtain free, I have three patterns that may interest you.

Woman wearing a C2C crochet cowl with a gray and blue geometric design. She is also wearing a light gray sweater and standing in front of a tree. Text reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Chandler Cowl, a C2C cowl with a geometric design.

Purcell Pillow, a brightly colored throw pillow.

And a patriotic, USA graph.

If those don’t interest you, I recommend both Ravelry and Etsy as quality places to find both free and paid patterns. Also, yarn company websites are reliable places to look for patterns.

How do you start C2C crochet?

You begin your C2C project at the bottom right corner of the project and of the graph. My video below shows how this is done, but if written words work better for you, then read on.

You’ll start by looking at the color of the box at the bottom right corner of your graph. Use that color and make a slip knot, place it on your hook, and then chain 6. You will then skip the 3 chains closest to your hook, and double crochet in the last 3 chains. I like to turn my chain over and crochet in the bottom ridge loop. It makes the bottom edge of my stitches look nicer. These 3 double crochet (dc) stitches and the chain 3 make up what we call the first tile. Each box on the graph represents one tile.

As you work your graph, your rows travel diagonally across your graph. If your row begins on the righthand side of your graph, it will end on the bottom edge of it. If your row begins on the bottom edge, it will end on the righthand side.

How do you increase in C2C?

When you finish your first tile, that’s the end of row 1. Turn your work. Your next row needs to have 2 tiles instead of 1, so you need to increase. To increase, and begin row 2, chain 6, and again, skip the 3 chains closest to your hook, work in the bottom ridge loops, and double crochet (dc) in the last 3 chains (chs). Then insert your hook between the chain 3 and first double crochet of the first tile you made, and work a slip stitch. You’ve now increased, and finished the first tile of row 2.

To work the second tile of row 2, chain 3, and double crochet 3 times around the chain 3 loop of the first tile. That’s the end of row 2!

Then you’ll turn, and continue working each row just like row 2, but you’ll find that in each successive row, you will have to work one more tile in order to have straight edges along two sides. You’ll be making a triangle with one jagged edge and two straight edges.

How do you change colors when crocheting C2C?

Again, if the video will help you, watch it below, but read on if written words are your jam.

You’ll be using your graph to know where to change colors. As you move diagonally across your graph, if one box is gray, and the next one is blue, you will need to change colors at the very end of the gray box.

To change colors, work your first tile up until you have two loops left of the third double crochet (dc) stitch. When those two loops are left, place a loop of the next color over the end of your hook and pull that through the two loops. Then work your slip stitch in the new color and begin the next tile.

If this is the first time you are using this new color, make sure that your loop has a 4-6 inch tail for weaving in later and leave it on the wrong side of your piece. If you’ve used this color before, leave a strand across the wrong side of your piece that is loose enough to not pull your piece out of shape.

How to decrease in C2C

At some point, you will need to turn the corners of your C2C project and start making your rows smaller.

When you are ready to turn the corner, you will not chain 6 to begin your row. Instead, slip stitch across the side of the last tile from the previous row. One slip stitch in each double crochet (dc) and one more in between the dc and the chain 3. Then you will chain 3 and dc 3 times around the chain 3 of the previous tile to make the first tile of this new row. Then continue as you did with all the other rows.

To see how this is done, you can watch the video below.

How do you finish a C2C crochet project?

When you’ve work the one tile of the very last row, I suggest you slip stitch across the edge of that tile just as if you were starting another row, just so that it looks consistent with your previous rows. Then fasten off and weave in your ends as with any other project.

Okay! Ready for the Free C2C crochet tutorial video now? Here it is!

Would you like the mini graph, or chart, that I used in this video? Here you go!

Happy crocheting!

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Photo of a c2c crochet project, graph, crochet hook, and notions bag on a wooden surface. White and aqua panels with text that reads: Banana Moon Studio. Learn to crochet in c2c. Free video tutorial.
Photo of a c2c crochet piece, a graph, a crochet hook, and a notions bag on a wooden surface. White and purple panels with text that reads: Learn to crochet a c2c cowl. Free video tutorial. C2C crochet project. Banana Moon Studio.
Three photos of a C2C crochet cowl in navy blue and a pinkish gray. Aqua background with text that reads: Free video tutorial. How to crochet a c2c graph. Banana Moon Studio.
Photo of a navy blue and pinkish gray C2C crochet cowl on a gray surface. White and purple panels with text that reads: Banana Moon Studio. Learn to crochet c2c patterns. Watch the video.
Background photo of a C2C crochet project, graph, wooden crochet hook, and notions bag on a wooden surface. White framed box with text that reads: Learn to crochet c2c. Video tutorial. Banana Moon Studio.

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