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Learn to Read a Crochet Pattern: Tiny Heart

Learn how to read a crochet pattern with this step-by-step video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio! This tutorial is perfect for those that know a few basic stitches. In it I will show you how to crochet a tiny heart in the round. I will walk you through the written pattern, explaining the abbreviations, instructions, and formatting and then showing you what to do with your hands.

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List of Abbreviations for Crochet, Free Printable!

What do the abbreviations mean in crochet? I've made this handy, free printable chart for you! It includes 40 of the most common US crochet abbreviations! Free from Banana Moon Studio!

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Heartbeat Scarf, a Valentine Crochet Project

Heartbeat Scarf is a Valentine crochet project, a free granny stitch crochet pattern from Banana Moon Studio!

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How to Get the Kinks Out of Recycled or Frogged Yarn

Learn how to get the kinks out of frogged or recycled yarn with this photo tutorial from Banana Moon Studio.

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How Can You Get Yarn from Thrift Store Sweaters?

Learn how to take apart a knitted thrift store sweater to recycle the yarn! Photo tutorial from Banana Moon Studio.