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34 Crochet Leaf Patterns

Photo collage of eight crochet leaf patterns. The center tile contains text that reads: Crochet leaf patterns. Banana Moon Studio.

Crochet leaf patterns roundup

Looking for crochet leaf patterns? This is the pattern roundup for you! In this crochet pattern roundup you’ll find 30+ crochet patterns for leaves or projects that include leaves. If it is or includes a leaf, you’ll find it here.

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In this crochet pattern roundup you’ll find stand alone leaves, home decor projects that include leaves, and wearables like garments and accessories that include leaves. Look in the categories below to find your next leafy project! Most of these patterns are free on the designer’s website, some are paid only.

Photo collage of 4 crochet patterns that incorporate leaves. Top left are crochet 3D tulips on stiff stems with crochet leaves. Top right is a crochet square that appears to have a succulent in the center with a wreath of leaves around it. Bottom left is a monstera leaf colorwork wall hanging. Bottom right is a burnt orange scarf with ecru laves of different shapes worked into it. A purple circle in the center of the image reads: Leaf crochet patterns. A purple panel at the bottom reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Stand alone crochet leaves

Two colors of small crochet leaves scattered on a white background.

This first crochet leaf pattern comes to us from Annie Design Crochet. This is Quick and Easy Crochet Leaf, which is just what it sounds like. Each leaf uses a tiny amount of yarn, so it’s great for using up scraps. Add these to a wreath or as an applique to your home decor and wearables.

Crochet leaf pattern here.

Bright green and dark green leaves scattered on a white background. Text on the image reads: Goldenlucycrafts.com.

This Irish Lace Motif Crochet Leaf is offered by Golden Lucy Crafts. I love the pretty edge on this crochet leaf. These would look pretty appliqued to your spring table settings.

Crochet Irish crochet leaf pattern here.

Five colors of crochet leaves in three sizes spread into a circle on a white background. Text and logo on the image reads: Lovable Loops.

Lovable Loops is the designer of this simple crochet leaf pattern in 3 different sizes. I like how having the different sizes gives you a dimensional look when you add these leaves to your projects!

Crochet leaf pattern here.

Four sizes of crochet leaves, each a different shade of green, lined up on a peace of muslin set in an embroidery hoop. Additional crochet leaves garnish the edges. Text on the image reads: raffamusadesigns.com.

Easy Leaf Applique is a crochet pattern from Raffamusa Designs. The different sizes you see here are accomplished by using different weights and fibers of yarn instead of different sets of instructions.

Crochet leaf pattern here.

Crochet leaf patterns in three sizes and three colors arranged on a white background. Text on the image reads: SweetBeeCrochet.com.

This crochet leaf in three sizes crochet pattern is from Sweet Bee Crochet. These would look pretty appliqued to a sweater or scarf, or as part of a garland.

Crochet leaf pattern here.

Crochet leaves and crochet acorns arranged in a small group on a wooden surface with plaid material and evergreen branches in the background. Text on the image reads: Thoresbycottage.com.

Thoresby Cottage is the designer of these crochet acorns and oak leaves. Use these for all your cottagecore design projects!

Crochet oak leaf pattern here.

Emerald green crochet shamrock on a round, woven turquoise mat.

This Crochet Shamrock Applique comes to us from Simple Melanie Jane. This leaf will be just the one for your festive spring crochet projects!

Crochet shamrock pattern here.

Olive green spade shaped leaf crocheted in the crocodile stitch sits on a white crochet surface.

This gorgeous crocodile stitch crochet leaf pattern is designed by Yarn Andy. This leaf will look beautiful all on its own. At about 10 inches across, this would make a lovely hot pad by itself, or could be used in conjunction with other designs.

Crocodile stitch crochet leaf pattern here.

Three orange Tunisian crochet leaves sitting together on a white surface.

This Tunisian crochet maple leaf pattern, as well as the next one, are also from Yarn Andy. Different yarn weights are used to crochet these three leaves in different sizes. These leaves can be attached by a long chain in order to make a crochet garland.

Tunisian crochet leaf pattern here.

Pumpkin orange felted Tunisian crochet maple leaf on a black surface with additional crochet pieces in the background.

This final stand alone crochet leaf pattern, also from Yarn Andy, is similar to the pattern mentioned above. It is also made with Tunisian crochet, but this large leaf has been felted to make a pot holder. Wouldn’t this be beautiful on your table this fall?!

Felted Tunisian leaf crochet pattern here.

Home decor crochet projects with leaves

In many of the home decor projects included here the leaves aren’t the main focus of the project. Use the pattern as is, or adapt the included leaves to suit your own purposes.

Red and green apple-shaped crochet hot pads each with a pocket. A recipe card is in each pocket. The hot pads sit on a wooden surface.

Blackstone Designs has created this apple pot holder crochet pattern with a pocket for your hand. Each pot holder includes a stem and leaf appliqued to the top.

Apple pot holder crochet pattern here.

A white bowl of noodle and vegetable soup sits in an orange crochet bowl cozy made to look like a pumpkin with leaves, stem, and a curly vine at the top. It sits on top of a book on a marble countertop with a white tile backsplash. Text and logo on the image reads: Blackstone Designs Crochet patterns.

This crochet pumpkin bowl cozy is from Blackstone Designs. Set your hot soup bowl in one of these so you don’t burn your hands. Includes leaves and a vine.

Pumpkin bowl cozy crochet pattern here.

Bright orange crochet pumpkin with crochet stem, leaf, and curling vines. The pumpkin has plastic eyes and an embroidered mouth. It sits on a round wooden piece with leaves and acorns.

This cute little pumpkin amigurumi from Cuddly Stitches Craft includes a leaf and vines. This would be a table centerpiece, mantle decoration, or child’s toy.

Crochet pumpkin pattern here.

Crochet C2C blanket with a large, dark green monstera leaf stitched into a white background. The blanket lays draped over a whicker chair on a patio next to a table with a drink and potted plant on it. White and dark green panels with text read: Premium crochet pattern. Monstera leaf C2C afghan from Juniper & Oakes.

The monstera leaf has been a popular motif in recent years. This C2C blanket pattern from Juniper & Oakes features one large monstera leaf.

Crochet monstera leaf blanket pattern here.

Intricate crochet square which appears to have a succulent in the center with a wreath of leaves around it and a decorative border around that. It sits on a white wooden surface with a crochet hook, pinecones, and a yarn bowl. Text on the image reads: Kirsten Holloway Designs.

Kirsten Holloway Designs always impresses me with their intricate and beautiful crochet patterns and this lovely square is no exception! The Desert Rose Afghan Square is a 12 inch crochet square that features a pretty succulent motif in the center and lots of other leaves besides.

12 inch crochet blanket square pattern here.

C2C crochet blanket with an ecru background. It is made of squares and each square has a plant or a leaf on it. The blanket is draped over an armchair with a window and white wall in the background.

This fun C2C blanket design comes from Juniper & Oakes. This is the Plants With Yarn C2C Afghan. Each square includes a plant so there are lots of crochet leafy options here.

Plants C2C blanket crochet pattern here.

Crochet wall hanging with a monstera leaf crocheted in intarsia in an ecru background. The bottom edge is finished with fringe and the top is suspended from a stick and a string to hang it. White and green panels with text read: Free crochet pattern. Monstera leaf wall hanging from Juniper & Oakes.

One last leafy crochet pattern from Juniper & Oakes is this monstera leaf wall hanging to match the blanket above. This could add a calming, natural look to your space.

Wall hanging crochet pattern here.

Three dimensional tulips in shades of pink and purple top stiff stems with attached crochet leaves. These are bunched together in a bouquet that lays over a white surface. Text on the image reads: Lisa Auch Crochet.

Lisa Auch Crochet is the designer of this pretty Crochet Tulip Flower pattern which includes tulip leaves. A bouquet of these would be lovely in a vase, or adapt the flower and leave patterns to your own project.

Tulip flower and leaf crochet pattern here.

A crochet hotpad that is white with green leaves crocheted into it using intarsia sits on a white surface along with a crochet hook, matching balls of yarn, small apples, and leaves. Text on the image reads: Raffamusadesigns.com.

This Swirling Leaves Potholder from Raffamusa Designs brings the leaves into your kitchen! You can also adapt the colorwork instructions for this pattern into other projects as well.

Swirling Leaves pot holder crochet pattern here.

Yellow and red crochet leaves function as coasters and sit on an off white circle. A cup of coffee sits atop the red leaf coaster. Two small pieces of candy sit with them.

I love this pretty little Fallen Leaves Crochet Coaster from Stitch By Fay! It’s simple, but somehow just strikes me as really lovely.

Crochet leaves coaster pattern here.

Close up photo of a C2C crochet square depicting the branch of an olive tree with leaves in two shades of green and a pale brown branch.

Sunflower Cottage Crochet designed this Olive Tree Square. This would be lovely as part of a blanket, pillow, or other crochet project.

Olive tree square crochet pattern here.

A crochet mug rug has a white background with holly leaves and berries on it outlined in black. The sides of the coaster are finished with white and black fringe. It sits on a white surface with a cup of tea, scissors, a plant, and a hand holding a crochet hook. Text and logo on the image reads: The Loopy Lamb. White and pink panels with text read: Holly jolly festive crochet Christmas coasters free pattern. TheLoopyLamb.com.

Need some holly leaves in your decor? Crochet this Holly Jolly Festive Crochet Christmas Coaster from The Loopy Lamb!

Holly leaves crochet coaster pattern here.

A C2C crochet pillow sits on a sofa. It has an ecru background with a fuchsia tulip and green stem and leaves on it. Text on the image reads: Pattern only. Tulip throw pillow.

The Tulip Throw Pillow is a pretty spring decor crochet pattern from Sunflower Cottage Crochet. This would be such a fun way to bring spring color into the living room or bedroom!

Tulip throw pillow crochet pattern here.

The edge of a crochet hand towel. The background of the towel is white with a border of dusty pink tulips with green leaves and stems.

Another pretty tulip crochet pattern from Sunflower Cottage Crochet is this Tulip Towel. I love the clever stitch pattern that creates the leaves and stems of these tiny crochet tulips!

Tulip kitchen towel crochet pattern here.

A crochet mug rug on a white surface with a cup of coffee and a green crochet hook. The mug run has a white background with a monstera leaf worked into it using intarsia. The edges of the mug rug are finished with fringe. Text and logo on the image read: The Loopy Lamb. White and pink panels with text read: Crochet mug rug. Free crochet pattern. TheLoopyLamb.com.

Need more monstera leaf in your decor? This little mug rug from The Loopy Lamb would be a quick finish project you could put on every surface in your home!

Monstera leaf mug rug pattern here.

A C2C crochet blanket made of 20 squares, each featuring some aspect of gardening like weather, plants, insects, fruits, and vegetables.

the Community Garden Blanket C2C crochet pattern from Sunflower Cottage Crochet includes various leaves since each square depicts plants and other aspects of gardening. What fun ways can you think of to use these square designs?

Gardening C2C crochet blanket pattern here.

A small wreath wrapped in pale brown yarn with tiny pale green leaves and small pearl beads decorating the bottom of it. It has a length of twine at the top for a hanging loop and stis on a white surface with more twine and a piece of paper printed with a wreath.

I just love this sweet little wreath ornament from Thoresby Cottage. The wreath is decorated with tiny little crochet leaves. These could also be used to decorate other crochet and craft projects.

Crochet wreath ornament pattern here.

Two crochet washcloths in slightly different colors, each featuring a green shamrock worked in intarsia.

This is Green Leaf Crochet Washcloth from Zamiguz which features a single shamrock, the perfect leaves for the month of March! Add a touch of luxury and festivity to your bathroom with these.

Shamrock leaf washcloth crochet pattern here.

Crochet garments & accessories with leaves

Printed material, a white zipper, two crochet circles, a red crochet rose, and three green crochet leaves all sitting together on a white surface. Text on the image reads: Blackstone Designs.

These pieces come together to make a pretty, round coin purse from Blackstone Designs. It’s decorated with a pretty rose and leaves.

Rose coin purse crochet pattern here.

Small crochet oxalis leaves attached to earring hooks laying on a white surface with a crochet hook, tapestry needle, additional earring hooks, and green leaves.

These elegant earrings are from By Goldenberry. An Oxalis leaf earring crochet pattern which includes two different sizes so you can make a set of earrings, a keychain or an embellishment onto a larger project. Helpful photos are included to guide you along.

Oxalis leaf earrings crochet pattern here.

A woman its on a black park bench in front of a green hedge. She wears a wide crochet scarf in burnt orange with ecru leaves worked into it with intarsia.

British Leaves Autumnal Scarf is designed by Elimee Designs. It includes colorwork leaves from various trees and the ends are finished with fringe.

Crochet leaves scarf pattern here.

Tiny crochet leaves and flowers in shades of orange attached to earring hooks lay on a pale wooden surface with actual fall leaves and matching balls of thread. Text on the image reads: Golden Lucy Crafts.

I just love these delicate leaf earrings from Golden Lucy Crafts! In addition to making earrings with this pattern you could make bracelet charms, necklace pendants, or use thicker yarn to make an applique or garland.

Crochet leaf earrings pattern here.

A woman stands against a white wall holding up a peach colored crochet shawl with a lace edging containing leaf shapes. Text on the image reads: Wilmade.com.

Vibrant Virginia Shawl is a pretty leaf-edged shawl from Wilmade. Wrap yourself in spring, summer, or fall foliage with this accessory.

Leaf edged shawl crochet pattern here.

A child stands outside in the snow wearing a white crochet crown adorned with a purple crochet flower and two crochet leaves. Text on the image reads: Green Fox Farms Designs.

This fun crown is from Green Fox Farms Designs. Flora Crown is embellished with a rose and leaves, which of course you could use however you like. I could see making more flowers and leaves to decorate the crown even more, or maybe a headband covered with them as a flower crown!

Flower crown crochet pattern here.

A crochet lace shawl with leaf shaped stitched throughout in a grid is wrapped around the shoulders of a white mannequin. A light purple wall is in the background.

Leafy Boughs Shawl is a leafy crochet pattern from KCACOUKDesigns. This leaf inspired design is a breeze to hook once you get used to the row repeats. Work in pretty spring greens or autumn tones for a unique accessory.

Leafy wrap crochet pattern here.

A woman stands in front of a white brick wall wearing a crochet cardigan with large, textured crochet leaves along the cuffs and hem over a white t-shirt, denim shorts, and black tights.

Willow Cardigan from Knitting With Chopsticks includes a unique, highly textured leaf border around the wrists and hem. It’s crocheted with bulky yarn and includes sizes from XS to 5X.

Leaf bordered crochet cardigan pattern here.

That concludes this roundup of crochet leaf patterns. I would love to hear which is your favorite, or see your in-process or finished leaf crochet projects! You can share them with my on Instagram by tagging me, or you can join my Facebook group and share them there.

Happy crocheting,

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A photo collage of crochet leaf patterns of various shapes and colors, A panel with text reads: 34 leaf crochet patterns. Round up by Banana Moon Studio.
A photo collage of crochet leaf patterns of different shapes and colors. A white panel with text and small blue hearts and dots reads: Crochet patterns with leaves. Crochet pattern round up from Banana Moon Studio.
Three crochet leaf patterns: a wrap, coasters, and small appliques. Aqua and purple panels with text read: 34 Leaf crochet patterns. Banana Moon Studio.
Three crochet patterns with leaves: A hot pad, three sizes of leaves in various colors, and a C2C afghan made of sqhares featuring plants. White and purple panels with text read: 34 crochet patterns using leaves. A crochet pattern round up. Banana Moon Studio.

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