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Codex Alera CAL, a Free Crochet Along 2021

Woman standing in the woods wearing a black t-shirt and red crochet shawl with a gold-colored braided leather shawl cuff. Text reads: Banana Moon Studio with Ancient Arts Yarn. Codex Alera CAL. Begins May 1st. Free to participate. Giveaways! #codexaleracal #bananamoonstudio

Read and Crochet Along 2021

The Alera Shawl is a triangular crochet shawl inspired by the Codex Alera book series by Jim Butcher. This is a fantasy series of six books. This pattern was originally a part of my Codex Alera Crochet Along 2021. Sadly, you’ve missed being a part of that, but you can still enjoy the free pattern and read the book that inspired it’s design as we did for the CAL!

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The Alera Shawl is an asymmetric triangle shawl that begins at one pointed end and increases to the opposite side. It transitions through three different stitch patterns, each with it’s own unique texture. This design was inspired by a particular clothing item in Furies of Calderon, the first book in the Codex Alera series. Read the book and see if you can guess which one! You can see some of the textures in the shawl close up in the picture below.

The difficulty level of the pattern is Easy+. The finished measurements are about 19 1/2″ deep x 67″ long.

Close up of red crochet shawl with gold leather braid shawl cuff. Codex Alera CAL with Banana Moon Studio and Ancient Arts Yarn.

How does this Crochet Along work?

The Crochet Along is a special event. Everyone that participates talks together in my Facebook group, The Studio Bunch, about the crochet pattern, their projects, and in this case, the first book in the series! The idea is to read, or more likely, listen to the audio book, as you crochet your shawl, and talk with everyone else about both throughout the two-week event. There will be a giveaway leading up to the event, and three prizes to giveaway during and at the end of the event!

How do I participate?

Get your yarn right away so that you will have it in time for the crochet along! The pattern takes two skeins of Oasis Sport from Ancient Arts Yarn. You can use any available color, however, if you want your shawl to feel true to the book, you will want to use the color Syrah, as I did.

Ancient Arts is generously offering all participants 10% off the yarn for the CAL! Order your yarn here and use the code GARWOOD10 at checkout! If you prefer to work with stash yarn or something that is more available to you, feel free! You’ll want 700 yds of a thinner sport weight yarn that is as close to 80% Merino and 20% Baby Camel as possible.

You will also need a G (4 mm) crochet hook, or whichever size allows you to match my gauge, and a yarn needle.

Next follow me and Ancient Arts Yarn on social media! There will be a giveaway and other chatter about the event ahead of time and you won’t want to miss it! You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. And you can also find Ancient Arts Yarn on Facebook and Instagram. Specifically, you’ll want to follow us both on Instagram for the pre-event giveaway!

Next, join my Facebook Group The Studio Bunch. That’s where all of the CAL discussion will take place.

The pattern will be available free here on my blog, but if you want a PDF so that you can print or save it, you’ll want to head to Ravelry to buy it. It will be released in stages. If you purchase the pattern, there will be updated PDFs to get when the event begins and when a new section is released.

If you are viewing the pattern free here on my blog, come back to this post to get the new sections. If you can’t use Ravelry, but want the PDF, it will also be available on Etsy. However, I’m not sure if their system will work well for the release in stages, so bear with me if there are some hiccups with that.

As we gear up for the event, DO post on social media about the event! Please use the hashtags #codexaleraCAL and #bananamoonstudio. And please tag me @bananamoonstudio and Ancient Arts @ancientartsyarn when you post!

And, very importantly, before we begin, you need to get the book! Get Furies of Calderon, the first book in the series, with my Amazon affiliate link right here. Or, if you’d like to keep this event free, check the book or audio book out from your local library! As we discuss the book in the group, there will be a designated chapter each day and no discussion of the chapters after that will be allowed. We don’t want to spoil it for those that aren’t reading/listening as fast as others!

Not a fan of wearing red? It may not be true to the book, but will still be beautiful and fun to make in one of the other colors of Oasis! Here you can see It’s Pink!, Irish Linen, Irritated Grapes, and Beach Paradise.

It's Pink, Irish Linen, Irritated Grapes, and Beach Paradise on Ancient Arts Yarn Oasis.

What was that about giveaways?

I did say giveaways, you read that correctly! So what about those giveaways?

I’m so excited about these! My co-hosts at Ancient Arts Yarn are being so generous and I’m so happy for all of you!

For this crochet along there will be a pre-event giveaway for one winner. That lucky winner will get two skeins of Oasis Sport free to crochet their shawl and the free pattern download! You’ll need to start by following both me and Ancient Arts Yarn on Instagram. Find me here. Find Ancient Arts Yarn here. The giveaway will take place on Instagram starting April 16th. The winner will be announced on the 20th! That should allow you to get your yarn before the CAL begins on May 1st.

Also, there will be three giveaways during the event! Entries for those giveaways come from social media posts that include the event hashtag #codexaleraCAL. Every time you post on Instagram or Facebook with that hashtag, you get an entry for the giveaways. Remember that those posts have to be public, otherwise we can’t see them to count them.

One prize will be given when the second section of the pattern is released. This prize is two skeins of Ancient Arts Yarn Lascaux Worsted and a free pattern download from me of your choice! Lascaux Worsted is the yarn I used to crochet my Pemba Mittens. It is 25% Manx Loaghtan, 75% Punta Arenas Wool. This yarn supports the preservation of of the Manx Loaghtan sheep, a rare breed native to the Isle of Man. It also supports the wool industry of South America, which is where you will find Punta Arenas.

Woman with dark curly hair in the woods. She is wearing a navy blue coat and burnt orange crochet textured mittens. Free crochet mitten pattern from Banana Moon Studio.

A second prize will be given when the third section of the pattern is released. This prize is the golden braid shawl cuff you see in the pictures of the Alera Shawl along with a Banana Moon Studio stitch marker and button. the cuff was made by Knox Mountain Knit Co.

Gold braided leather shawl cuff with snaps on a red shawl and white lace background. Banana Moon Studio stitch marker and button. Knox Mountain Knit Co. business card.

The third and final prize will be given at the end of the event, May 15th. This prize will be two skeins of Ancient Arts Yarn Revival Worsted, which is the yarn I used to make my Chandler Cowl, and a free pattern download of your choice from me! Revival is a yarn made of 49% Wool, 34% Mohair, 11% Nylon, 4% Acrylic, and 2% Silk. The fibers used to make it would normally be considered waste fibers at the mill because they are left over from the making of other yarn. Instead of being thrown away, these fibers are spun into yarn, and you have the joy of crocheting with something good for the environment!

C2C crochet cowl free pattern from Banana Moon Studio. Woman with brown hair wearing dark glasses, a crochet cowl, and a grey sweater.

Now, for the Alera Shawl pattern!

Each section of the Codex Alera CAL pattern will have it’s own page. The links for these won’t be live until that section is officially released. The page for each section will also include a tutorial video for that section. The stitches used are not difficult, but I want to make sure that everyone gets going on the right foot for each section!

Get the header information here. That’s supplies, finished measurements, gauge, etc.

Section one is right here. It will be released on May 1st.

Section two can be found at this link. It will be released on May 8th.

Section three is here. It will be released on May 13th.

And the reading schedule

As you discuss the book in the group, please don’t discuss anything past the chapter of the day. No spoilers!

May 1 Chapter 4

May 2 Chapter 7

May 3 Chapter 10

May 4 Chapter 13

May 5 Chapter 16

May 6 Chapter 19

May 7 Chapter 22

May 8 Chapter 26

May 9 Chapter 29

May 10 Chapter 32

May 11 Chapter 35

May 12 Chapter 38

May 13 Chapter 41

May 14 Chapter 44

May 15 Chapter 47

Asymmetric triangular red shawl held up by a woman in a black t-shirt and blue jeans. She is standing in the woods. Codex Alera CAL 2021 with Banana Moon Studio

Happy crocheting everyone! I hope you’ll join us!

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Woman standing in the woods with one hand on her hip. She is wearing a black t-shirt, blue jeans, and a red crochet shawl fastened with a gold braided cuff. Codex Alera CAL free crochet shawl pattern and giveaways. Banana Moon Studio with Ancient Arts Yarns. CAL begins May 1st.

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