How to Crochet C2C, or Corner to Corner, Tutorial Video

The Corner to Corner, or C2C, crochet stitch has become very popular, so I thought a tutorial might be helpful! When working in C2C you are making squares or rectangles. People often make charts or graphs to show colorwork patterns that can be accomplished with C2C, though you can use the corner to corner stitch all in one color if you like. In fact, that might be really pretty in a striping yarn like Lion Brand Yarn Just My Stripe.

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As you crochet in C2C you’ll want to learn how to begin your project, how to change colors in C2C, how to increase in C2C, how to decrease or turn corners in C2C, and how to finish your corner to corner project.

There are many variations of colorwork patterns available in this technique. In fact, the sky’s the limit! People use C2C to create pictures, words, and geometric designs. But I haven’t seen much variation in the basics of starting, changing colors, increasing, and decreasing.

In my free C2C tutorial video below you will learn:

  • How to start your C2C crochet project.
  • How to change colors in your C2C project.
  • The crochet C2C decrease.
  • How to increase in your corner to corner crochet project.
  • How to follow a C2C chart to make a graphgan.
  • How to end your corner to corner crochet project.
  • And, if you are making my Chandler Cowl, how to seam it.

Did you see that last bit about my Chandler Cowl pattern? Chandler Cowl is a free crochet C2C pattern! You will follow the classic written instructions and the included graph to crochet a C2C rectangle, which will be easily seamed at the end. I made this fab C2C crochet cowl in Ancient Arts Yarns Revival, which you can read more about here. The Chandler Cowl is pictured below, get it free on my website by clicking here!

Chandler Cowl, a free crochet C2C pattern from Banana Moon Studio! Includes a link for a free C2C tutorial video!

Okay! Ready for the Free C2C tutorial video now? Here it is!

Would you like the mini graph, or chart, that I used in this video? Here you go!

Happy crocheting!


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Free C2C tutorial crochet video from Banana Moon Studio.

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