Crochet Guild of America Summer 2012 Show, Part 1

Marty Miller and Kimberly McAlindin at Professional Development Day of the Crochet Guild of America summer 2012 show.

Crochet Guild of America Professional Development Day

The Crochet Guild of America conference always begins with the Crochet Guild’s Professional Development Day (PDD) and the Knitting Guild’s Masters’ Day.  I only participated in the Crochet Guild events though, so I’ll just focus on those.  On PDD several very successful professional crocheters from various roles within the industry spoke on their areas of expertise from editing, to designing, to publishing, to tech editing.  In the picture above, Marty Miller — designer and tech editor — shared her knowledge on pattern-writing.

April Garwood and Susan Lowman at the Crochet Guild of America summer 2012 show.

PDD is the place to meet the editors, designers, tech editors, etc. that you’ve heard of.  Here I met Susan Lowman, designer and tech editor, for the first time.  Later in the week I wore a beautiful wrap that she designed.  She has tech edited a pattern or two of mine.

Classes at the Crochet Guild of America show

Playing with design in a class by Lily Chin at the Crochet Guild of America summer 2012 show.

Throughout the week there are numerous classes on crochet techniques new and old, and various aspects of designing and using fiber.  I took a class taught by designer Lily Chin called “Color, Composition, Scale, and Stitch”.  This was like arts and crafts class.  We played with shapes and looked at pictures to inspire us.  The picture above is my abstract creation during this class.  I had fun with this!

Lily Chin and students in a design class at the Crochet Guild of America summer 2012 show.

Here is a picture of Lily as she is observing our work, along with other class members playing with shapes and ideas.

Design supplies in a class at the Crochet Guild of America summer 2012 show.

This is a picture of the table when we went on break — because the classes are 3 hrs. long.  I was amused at the mess.  This resembles my desk or table when I am working on a project — proof of which statement you can see in the picture below:

Hotel desk covered with yarn and other design supplies during my stay at the CGOA summer 2012 show.

I made myself right at home in our hotel room.  This is the desk in there piled up with paper, yarn, pencils, and various crochet tools.  I was busy working on design projects during my spare time.

It was a fun time.  One of my favorite things about going to conferences is that you can talk about crochet all day long and no one looks at you like you must be crazy to be so passionate about something they couldn’t care less about.

I had a great time, but I was glad to be home.  Since getting home, I’ve been busy finishing up a magazine project before today’s deadline, and planning upcoming design work that got assigned at the conference.

I’ll post more later about the conference!

Happy stitching!

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