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Shianne Hoodie, a Girl’s Crochet Cardigan Pattern

A girl’s crochet cardigan pattern

Introducing the Shianne Hoodie! You can find this sweet girl’s crochet cardigan pattern in Crochet! Autumn 2015. This cute crochet cardigan pattern for girls in written with instructions for sizes 2, 4, 6, and 8. The yarn is Berroco Maya which is a cotton/alpaca blend with a chainette construction. You need 3(4, 5, 6) skeins of the main color and 2(2, 3, 3) skeins of the second color. This yarn is machine washable. Of course, who wants to make something for children if it isn’t machine washable, right? The yarn was soft and nice to work with. I have a little left and I may design in it again. FYI, it is a worsted weight yarn. 

This pattern is currently available as part of a digital download of the whole magazine issue.

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You’ll need an I/9/5.5 mm crochet hook and a separating zipper to complete this jacket.

First of all, isn’t the model adorable?

Back story

This hoodie was something that I originally envisioned in tween and teen sizes and all in one color, the blue, actually. My oldest daughter, Drama Queen, helped me dream up this design. I named it for my oldest niece, who is 16, since I was thinking of it in larger sizes.

The yoke detail is, of course, my favorite part of this design. If you click on the picture and zoom in you can see it a little better. The stitch pattern at the top is more open, and it is also textured. My choice to open up the stitch pattern around the shoulders was inspired by all the fashionable tops we see today that have crochet lace around the shoulders with a more solid fabric covering the rest of the torso. Obviously, we don’t want a jacket to be too open around the shoulders. We want warmth there. So, it is just a little open.

You can see that the texture extends down into the purple section a little. This isn’t some super-complicated thing of using 2 colors in the same row. Those are just really long post stitches. So, no worries, that part will be easy.

Customizing this cardigan

Customizing length for this jacket design will be easy if that’s something you need. Just work extra rows before beginning the armhole. Just remember that you’ll need a longer zipper than the pattern suggests if you do this. Another possible customization is in the depth of the hood. There is not some magic number of stitches that you need around the neckline in order to make the hood instructions work. If you want the hood to provide more coverage, just begin with more stitches around the neckline, or work some increases in the first few rows of the hood to make it larger. If you want the hood to provide less coverage, you can begin with fewer stitches around the neckline, or work some decreases into the first few rows. Don’t want a hood at all? No problem, just edge the neckline with single crochet and leave it.

Which size will you be making? Who will it be for? What colors will you use? Could you see this jacket for little boys? I think it could work for boys or girls. What do you think? If you make this hoodie, please share pictures on Ravelry or on my Facebook page! It makes my day to see pictures of FOs from my patterns!

Get the digital magazine download with the this crochet jacket pattern from Annie’s.

Happy crocheting!

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Crochet girls cardigan in sizes 2-8 from Banana Moon Studio and Crochet! magazine.

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  1. Obviously this post is a bit old, but I might as well try! I've never made something like this before and am really bummed out because I am having a lot of difficulty assembling it. I dont understand what to do with the shoulders.. any suggestions? Thank you

  2. Hi there. So, do I understand correctly that you have all the pieces made, but you aren't sure how to sew the pieces together? If so, lay the piece out flat with the right side up. Then, fold the front pieces over on top of the back piece, so that it looks like a vest. Line up the shoulder pieces. At this point, you can use a yarn needle and matching yarn, or a crochet hook and matching yarn to seam (sew) the shoulder pieces together. I like to do this with my crochet hook. You have to put your hook through both pieces (or thicknesses). Join with a slip stitch at the right end of the lined up pieces, then slip stitch across the top. You'll put your hook through both pieces every time, and work one slip stitch into each set of stitches and chain spaces until you have gone all the way across. Then, Fasten off. I hope this helps. If you need more help, you can message me on Ravelry, or email me at BananaMoonStudio @ gmail . com.