14 Crochet Christmas Wall Hangings

Picture collage of crochet Christmas wall-hangings like wreaths, buntings, and others. Text reads: Crochet Christmas wall-hangings. Pattern Round-up. 14 patterns.

Crochet Christmas wall-hangings

Crochet Christmas wall hangings are perfect for decking the halls with your own creative talents! You’ll love this assortment of 14 crochet pieces to hang on your walls for the holiday. Some of these patterns are free, some are paid, all are festive! Scroll through the photos below, and use the links below each picture to get to the pattern for the pieces you love.

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Crochet Christmas Wreaths

White faux fur crochet Christmas wreath on a black door.

This winter beauty is Faux Fur Wreath from Made With a Twist. I love the peaceful look of this simple wreath! Get the free crochet pattern here.

Red, white, and green crochet Christmas wreath on a white brick wall. A little crochet Santa and Christmas tree sit on the wreath along with a ribbon bow.

Christmas Wreath from The Left Handed Crocheter is darling! The simple wreath is adorned with a little crochet Santa and Christmas tree, as well as a ribbon bow. You’ll find this paid crochet pattern here.

Snowman wreath made of white yarn pom poms and hung with a ribbon. Text reads: A Crocheted Simplicity. Step-by-step tutorial. Snowman Wreath.

Disclaimer, this wreath is not crocheted, but since it involves yarn and is SO cute, I had to include it! The tutorial walks you through the making of the pom poms and fastening them all together for this sweet winter wreath. Get the free Christmas wreath tutorial here.

White furry crochet Christmas wreath with a silver bow and miniature silver Christmas tree hanging from a wooden door.

This O’ Christmas Tree Wreath from A Crocheted Simplicity is another simple beauty for those that want to celebrate winter calm and white Christmases. Get the free crochet pattern here.

Country Winter Wreath crochet pattern. White crochet wreath with a red bow on a mantle hanging on a brick wall surrounded by candles and an angel figurine. Text reads: Country Winter Wreath Free Crochet Pattern.

This is Country Winter Wreath from The Loopy Lamb. This would be a lovely addition to your Christmas decor! Get this free crochet pattern here.

More Crochet Christmas Wall Hangings

Crochet Christmas tree shaped advent calendar with ornaments and gifts at the bottom that conceal compartments for treats. Crochet wall hanging pattern from Hooked On Patterns.

This is Advent Christmas Tree from Hooked on Patterns. I love advent calendars! I spend part of my childhood living on an American military base in Germany, and that’s where I first experienced and loved advent calendars. This paid pattern can be found here.

Several red crochet hearts put together in the shape of a Christmas tree on a white background with a green frame. Text reads: Golden Lucy Crafts.

A Lovely Christmas Tree of Hearts is another of these beautiful crochet Christmas wall hangings. This one is from Golden Lucy Crafts. This crochet project celebrates love and Christmas! Get this free crochet pattern here.

Crochet Christmas wall hanging pattern from Desert Blossom Crafts. The wall hanging depicts a Christmas scene with snow, Christmas tree, and gifts.

This Christmas wall hanging is from Desert Blossom Crafts. I can imagine making this as a gift for a child to enjoy. You can get this free crochet pattern here.

Small crochet Christmas tree to hang on the wall and hold Christmas ornaments. Pattern from Creations by Courtney.

This tree ornament holder is a free crochet pattern from Creations by Courtney. I think this might be a perfect gift for someone living in a college dorm room, apartment, or other small space. They may not have room for a standard Christmas tree, but they can still decorate by hanging their ornaments on this crochet piece! Get this free pattern from Creations by Courtney right here.

Christmas tree crochet garland pattern from Hooked on Patterns.

Hooked on Patterns brings us the Christmas Tree Garland to decorate your space for the holiday! This might be another way to decorate a small space that doesn’t have room for a tree. Where will you hang it? Get this free crochet pattern here.

Crochet Christmas tree with star wall hanging to decorate for Christmas. Text reads: Holiday Tree Wall Hanging.

The Holiday Tree Wall Hanging is from Simply Hooked by Janet. I really like the pretty stitch patterns used in this design. The texture of the stitch pattern in the tree definitely resembles evergreen needles. The star at the top is very clever and elegant! You can find this free crochet Christmas wall hanging pattern here.

Holiday crochet bunting pattern with the letters J O and Y on the little pennants to spell "joy." White pennants, red letters, and green holly leaves. White painted wood background, pinecones, jingle bells, and other holiday decor in the background.

Joy Bunting from Thoresby Cottage would make such a quick project and be a fun way to decorate for Christmas. You could make several of these quickly for gifs! Get this free crochet Christmas pattern here.

Crochet snowflakes hanging from a branch of green holly leaves and red berries. Crochet Christmas wall hanging pattern from Blue Star Crochet.

This is Snowflake Wall Hanging from Blue Star Crochet! I love these delicate white crochet snowflakes hanging from the holly branches. It really brings to life that musical line, “Deck the halls with boughs of holly!” You can get this free crochet pattern here.

Snowman wall hanging from Stitch by Fay. This is a crochet tapestry with a dark blue night sky of stars, a snowman head with eyes and carrot nose, and ribbing and fringe to represent the snowman's scarf. It hangs from a dowel and piece of yarn.

And last, but certainly NOT least, is this adorable Snowman Wall Hanging from Stitch By Fay. I adore his carrot nose and ribbed and fringed scarf the best! This paid crochet pattern can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed these 14 crochet Christmas Wall Hangings! There are a few here I’d like to make myself! Which one is at the top of your project queue? Have you seen my other Christmas crochet pattern round ups? Be sure to check out the Christmas ornament crochet pattern round up and the Christmas pillows and blankets pattern round up!

Happy crocheting!

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Photos of 3 crochet Christmas wall hanging patterns: a snowman face tapestry, a white fuzzy wreath, and a bunting that spells out JOY. Aqua panel with text reads: 14 crochet wall hangings for Christmas. Banana Moon Studio.
Photos of 5 crochet wall hanging patterns for Christmas: A Christmas scene tapestry, a Christmas tree with yellow star, a Christmas tree garland, a white wreath with lights on it, and a snowman face tapestry. Yellow draw Christmas tree in center. White panel with text reads: 14 Christmas decor crochet patterns. Banana Moon Studio.
Photos of three crochet wall-hanging patterns for Christmas: A Christmas tree bunting, snowflakes hanging from a holly brand, a snowman wreath of pompoms. A purple panel with text reads: 14 Christmas wall hangings to crochet. Banana Moon Studio.
Photos of four crochet Christmas wall hangings: A snowman wreath made of pompoms, a snowman face tapestry, snowflakes hanging from a holly branch, a Christmas tree with yellow star. A white panel with text and a frame reads: Banana Moon Studio. 14 Christmas wall hangings to crochet. A pattern roundup.
Photos of four crochet Christmas wall hangings: A bunting that spells out JOY with holly leaves, two white wreaths, and a Christmas scene tapestry. White banners with text read: Crochet Christmas decor. Banana Moon Studio.

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