Pink Bella Dress & Power

Well, I’ve finished all of the stitching on the Bella Dress that I am making for Baby, except the underarm edging.  Pretty soon I get to do the fun part–fabric shopping.  I think that is fun because choosing the fabric is what really makes the dress come to life.

The past week has been a great one.  Mr. AC and I took a little trip to Tulsa last week to attend the Michael Buble concert.  It was fantastic!  We really had a great time.  We also went out to dinner at a very nice seafood resturaunt (I love seafood!), and stayed overnight at a Doubletree hotel that was really nice.  The girls stayed with my in-laws.  They are very generous and helpful people.  That was a much-needed respite from the day to day of taking care of four little kiddos and cleaning the house.  So, as we were driving to and from Tulsa I was of course crocheting.  The project I was working on is one that I thought I would probably self-publish, but I debated quite a bit as to what I wanted to do with it and finally decided to submit it to a magazine.  I expect to get an answer within about 2 months time.  If they don’t decide to use it, I may try submitting it to a yarn company, which would be a first for me.  If that doesn’t work out, then I will self-publish it.

After the concert we headed back to the hotel and I checked my email on Mr. AC’s Blackberry, which his employer provides.  I am so envious…I want a smartphone!  Maybe sometime soon….Anyway, I was thrilled to find an email from an editor waiting for me.  I will have my third magazine project published late this year!!!  The yarn for that project arrived today.  Waiting for that yarn is always a little like Christmas.  I never know what the yarn will be until it arrives, so I always tear into the package with great anticipation.  I LOVE the yarn they sent!  That’s happy, it doesn’t always work out that way.  So, I started swatching for that project today.  One thing that I like about designing is that I get to set the gauge.  When you read a pattern it states the gauge and then says “For best results, always check your gauge” and “Adjust hook size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge”.  Well, when I am the designer, I get to choose whatever hook size I like and that produces the right drape and openness with my own natural gauge, no adjustments necessary!  It kind of reminds me of how I felt about naming my kids, the gauge will forever and always be what I make it, whether anyone else likes it or not.  How’s that for power?! 

This brings my total of projects to be published this year to 5.  I set a goal early this year to publish 6 this year.  What sort of project would you like to see me do for the 6th?  Where wold you most like to see it published?

Well, anyway, that’s been my crocheting for the past week.  What have you been working on?

Happy stitching!

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