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Well, last week was our family “staycation”.  We went ice skating the Saturday before that, camping last Monday and Tuesday, to Alabaster Caverns on Wednesday, to a Women’s College World Series softball game on Thursday, a break on Friday, and fishing and swimming (with a brief trip to a yarn store) on Saturday.  With all that driving we had to do to get to those events, I of course was crocheting, and Mr. AC was driving.  I really appreciate that he does that so I can work on projects.  The first thing I worked on last week was the Chain Reaction Afghan square from the previous post.  The next project was finishing these sweaters for my friend’s daughters.  This is a pattern from Crochet Today that I believe I have blogged about before, but this is a picture of the two of them blocking.  I thought this was a neat looking picture–the way the stripes from the yokes lined up together.  They turned out really nice.  Here is another picture of one of them so you can see the rest of the body.

The last picture below is the next project I worked on during our driving.  I am making a Bella Dress for my own baby in LB Collection Cotton Bamboo “cherry blossom”.  So far so good.

The brief trip to the yarn store mentioned above was to purchase some yarn for making magazine submission swatches.  Hopefully, I’ll get to show you some sneak peeks and reveals of those projects in the future.  It’s slow going on them so far.  #1 daughter decided to get sick this week and #3 daughter has begun potty training this week, so I am short on time to crochet.  I’m happy anyway though!

Happy crocheting!

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