My Crafty Legacy

This will be my last post in my series about my crafty family.  This one focuses on my daughters.  I have four daughters.  In my public internet life I refer to them as Drama Queen, Princess, Lady Hops-a-lot, and Baby.  They aren’t old enough to have done a lot of crafting yet, but they’ve done a little.  Drama Queen is an outstanding artist, as 6yr olds go.  They all enjoy painting when I get brave enough to let them, but Princess seems especially fond of it.  A couple of years ago Mr AC and I gave Drama Queen a “Creating Box” for her birthday.  We got a big plastic storage tub and filled it with pipe cleaners, stickers, decorative papers, craft foam sheets, wobbly eyes, etc.  She and her sisters really enjoy getting that box out and making interesting creations with its contents.  I have had each of the 3 oldest give crochet a try.  DQ has made a chain, the others have mostly made a mess, but, that’s a start.  Baby has sat in my lap while I’ve stitched once in awhile, and likes to feel the yarn and fabric, and grab at my hook.  Here are some pictures of their artwork, creations, and crochet efforts:
One of Drama Queen’s drawings.  She’s into designing various rooms lately.  This is a bedroom design.
One of Princess’s paintings
Some of DQ’s creations for her Dad.  The blue one has some writing at the bottom that says “Yor the best wun in the yuowesa evr” which translates to “You’re the best one in the USA ever”.  So cute.  The pink letters she cut out are “DADE” which translates to “DADDY”.  It sure makes a parent happy to get something like that from their child!
One of Princess’s creations.  This was also a gift for Daddy.
Princess’s crochet.  She let me help her make a chain, so this is what we finished with.
This is DQ’s chain.  I helped her with the first few chains, but she did most of them herself.  I’m so proud!
Lady Hops-a-lot’s crochet.  I got it ready for her to tinker with and then offered to help her make a chain, but she would have nothing to do with getting help, so she never actually made anything with it.  Oh well.  She’s still rather young.

Well, there you have it.  I hope to see my girls do lots of creating over the years.  I hope that each of them learns to love creating things in some medium or another.

I think that I will finish my latest pattern this evening.  Stay-tuned…I will probably post pictures tomorrow!

Happy crafting!

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