More completed Bella Dresses

This Bella Dress was made by Kelly, from Canada.  This is the first completed dress that I saw after the pattern was published.  She used Debbie Bliss Eco Cotton yarn.  I love the colors!  I also love how the design is so versatile.  Two people could pick the exact same yarn and wind up with a completely different dress based on the fabric and ribbon they use.  It’s been fun to see all of the different versions that have been made.

This beautiful dress was made by Jocelyn from Pennsylvania.  I love the fabric she found.  This is really a beautiful dress.  This is the second one that I saw a picture of completed.  The yarn she used is Debbie Bliss Ecobaby Fairtrade. 

This dress is the most recently completed one that I’ve seen.  It was made by Erin, who lives in the US, though I don’t know which state.  She used Bernat Cottontots Ombres.  It turned out pretty cute.  I like how the variegated yarn looks in the skirt section.

Well, it has been SO fun for me to see these dresses via Ravelry.  I just love that site.  As a designer, it is really the place to be on the web.  I love to see pictures of completed projects from my designs.  It will be super fun to see what comes up when my next 2 designs come out late this year.  Bytheway, these photos are copyrighted by the talented ladies that made the dresses, and I appreciate their willingness to let me post them here for you all to see. 

And now, it is almost time for me to go to bed, so Adieu for the night!

Sweet dreams!

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  1. April, all the dresses look so sweet. That lilac dress is really, really pretty. I might have to make this dress again, using those colours.