How to Fix Knitting Mistakes with Cables

How to fix knitting mistakes with cables. Free video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio.

How to fix knitting mistakes with cables

Have you ever realized rows later that you twisted a cable backwards in your knitting project? I did this just recently, so I made a short video to show how to fix knitting mistakes with cables without unknitting!

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If you are somewhat new to knitting, you may not have learned how to fix mistakes before. You can unknit one stitch at a time, and that works well if the mistake is just a few stitches back. However, unknitting is very slow, so it’s tedious if the mistake is on the other end of a long row, or worse yet, rows back from where you are now. You also have the option to pull out your needles and rip out rows of work. This tends to be a frightening way to fix mistakes because we run the risk of not getting all our stitches back onto our needles.

Here I will show you how to fix knitting mistakes quickly and safely. This faster method is to get to the stitch(es) above the mistake, take those stitches off your needles, undo all the stitches above the mistake, and then work the stitches back up correctly with a crochet hook. However I know that if you are a newish knitter, that still sounds pretty terrifying. It was very scary to me when I was new to the craft. But it’s not as scary as it seems. I’ll show you how! If you just aren’t ready to tackle it, put the project up for a bit until you are feeling brave and focused.

Video tutorial

What yarn and pattern are in this video?

The yarn I used in this video is Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice in color #178 Sea Glass. You can get that yarn here.

I was knitting my Arcadia Knit Blanket Square in this video. It’s a free knitting pattern that you can get here on my blog. Or you can view it, and favorite it, on Ravelry here.

Happy knitting!

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Pale green cabled knit swatch on knitting needles with a locking stitch marker and wooden crochet hook on a white lace background. Text reads: Video tutorial. Correcting Knitting Mistakes: Cable Twist.

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