How to Knit a Sock Heel Flap

A pair of mint green knitted socks with emphasis on the heel flap. Knitting needles are on top of the socks and all are on top of a white, lace background. Text on image reads: How to Knit a Heel Flap for a Sock. Banana Moon Studio

How to knit a sock heel flap

If you are interested in learning to knit socks, you may be ready for, or looking ahead to the heel. A traditional heel flap and turn is a common heel type you’ll find in sock patterns. In this video tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to knit a sock heel flap. This video is part of a series! You’ll find links below for videos to teach you the long tail cast on, the heel turn, the gusset, and the toe.

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Is there a good beginner pattern I could use?

Yes! The pattern that I reference in this series of videos is my own free written sock knitting pattern, Catoosa Socks. This is a great beginner pattern because the stitch pattern used is easy, but interesting. Also, the series of videos tailored to this exact pattern, are a big plus for beginning sock knitters.

How to knit a sock video tutorial series

Find the other tutorials in this series at the links below:

How to cast on with double pointed needles

Learn to knit the heel flap of a sock with the video below in this post.

How to knit the heel turn of a sock.

Learn to knit the gusset of a sock

Learn to knit a gathered toe for a sock

What are the basic steps to knitting a sock?

A handknit sock begins with a cast on, as every knitting project does. Socks can actually be started from either the toe or the cuff. The cast on for starting at the toe is a little different, so for this beginner pattern and series, I’ll be talking about starting at the cuff. This is what we call a “top-down” or “cuff-down” sock. To cast on the cuff of the sock, the long tail cast on is a great choice because it is so stretchy.

Next, you knit the leg. This can be very short for ankle socks. For typical crew socks, 6 to 8 inches is common. This is easy knitting because it’s around and around with no shaping needed.

Then you get to the heel. First is the heel flap, which we are focusing on in this post and video. This is really pretty easy, as it involves knitting flat on just half the stitches of the sock.

Then comes the heel turn, which cups the bottom of the heel.

Then you work the gusset, which is a wedge-shaped piece that decreases the circumference of the sock from the heel to the foot.

Knitting the foot is a lot like knitting the leg. Round after round of even knitting.

When you have around two inches to go before your sock foot is the same length as the wearer’s foot, it’s time to start decreasing for the toe. My favorite method for closing the toe is a gathered toe, where you just gather the last eight or so stitches closed like you would the top of a hat.

How to knit a sock heel flap video tutorial

And now, if you have the leg of your sock finished, let’s jump into knitting the sock heel flap!

I’m so glad that I could help you learn how to knit a sock heel flap! I’d love for you to come share your accomplishments and progress in my Facebook group, The Studio Bunch!

Happy knitting,

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