Crochet Post Stitches

Learn to crochet front and back post stitches with this short and sweet video from Banana Moon Studio! Two hands holding crochet hook and bright orange yarn while crocheting a post stitch.

Crochet front and back post stitches

Crochet post stitches are perfect for creating texture in your crochet pieces. With post stitches, you stitch around the body of the stitch instead of into the top of it. This causes the stitch below the post stitch to pop out either to the front or back of your project. They are easy to do! I’ll show you how in the short video below.

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What can I do with post stitches?

There are two primary ways to use crochet post stitches. One of these ways, is to crochet ribbing. You will sometimes see ribbing used as an edging. Ribbing is also used as the bottom edge of hats, or as part of sweaters. For example, my Kenton Cowl uses post stitches to create a ribbed edging.

Kenton Cowl free crochet pattern from Banana Moon Studio. Woman holding a yellow crochet cowl. Text reads

The other way that we often use crochet post stitches is for cables. Cables are such beautiful stitch patterns! You should definitely try out cables and learn this amazing technique! Check out my free Seashore Shrug crochet pattern as an example of cables. If you’d like to learn how to crochet cables, be sure to check out my free video tutorial here.

Girl standing at a rail with her back to the camera, wearing a crochet cabled shrug. Free crochet pattern from Banana Moon Studio.

These aren’t the only ways that you can create texture with post stitches. Check out some of the other patterns linked below to see how else you can use post stitches.

Alera Shawl includes diagonal lines made from post stitches.

Pryor Creek Jr uses post stitches to make texture all along the front of this baby sweater.

Canton Cardigan has the most amazing textured edging created with post stitches.

Now let’s learn how!

What will you do with post stitches now that you’ve learned how to crochet them? Are you making something particular? I’d love for you to share in the comments!

Happy crocheting,

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