26 Capital Crochet Bobble Stitch Letters

Three small bundles of yarn in white, dark purple, and royal blue. Four bobble stitch crochet letters that spell YARN in royal blue, fuchsia, and dark purple.

Crochet bobble stitch letters

Crochet bobble stitch letters are a fun, textural way to personalize your crochet projects. Recently I designed a crochet Christmas stocking and wanted to personalize it with crochet bobble stitch letters. That is what inspired the creation of this crochet bobble stitch alphabet.

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I have created a graph and written instructions for each capital letter in the English alphabet. I also made a little rectangular swatch of each letter and have included photos of those in the e-book as well.

When I started, I thought this would be a simple thing, but it turned out to be rather a large undertaking. I crocheted all 26 capital letters, photographed all of them, edited those photos, created the charts for each of them, and then put it all together in a 30 page e-book.

The letters themselves are not a complete project. They will have to be used in conjunction with crochet patterns that are made all in single crochet, like my Claremore Christmas Stocking. You’ll have to use a little of your own skill to center the letter in the spot where you want it.

I’m including a sample here in this post, so if you happen to need a letter A, you’re in luck! The pattern and chart for that are below. The remainder of the alphabet is available as an e-book on Ravelry and Etsy!

What supplies will I need to make these?

You can crochet these bobble stitch letters in any yarn you want! I suggest choosing a crochet hook size that fits with the yarn you are using. This chart is a handy reference that may help you choose the proper hook size for your yarn.

These bobble stitch letters can be used along with any project that is made all in single crochet stitch! If you are making a blanket, scarf, sweater, Christmas stocking, or anything else that is solid single crochet stitch, you can use these bobble stitch letters to personalize it with names or initials, or to add words. If you are combining these letters with another pattern, you will want to use the yarn and hook called for in that pattern.

Crochet bobble stitch letters on a white background with a wooden crochet hook. Text reads: Banana Moon Studio.

Crochet Bobble Stitch Letters Sample

Notes on using the charts:

The instructions for each letter contains written line by line instructions, a photo, and a chart.

In the chart, each square represents a possible position for a bobble stitch and each vertical line represents a single crochet stitch. The horizontal lines between squares represent a row of single crochet

In the chart below for the letter A, you have 13 single crochet stitches across, one for each vertical line and one for each square.

You also have 21 rows, one for each horizontal line.

This means that you will always have at least one single crochet stitch between two bobble stitches, and you will always have a row of single crochet between rows of bobble stitches.

Bobble stitch rows are wrong side rows. When you are working bobble stitch rows you will read the chart from left to right. Right side rows, which are all single crochet, read from right to left, so that the letter reads properly from the right side of the fabric.

Blue squares represent bobble stitches. White squares represent single crochet stitches.

Abbreviations Used:

ch(s) chain(s), tutorial here.

rem remaining

RS right side

sc single crochet, tutorial here.

st(s) stitch(es)

WS wrong side

Notes on Bobble Stitches

For a video demonstrating the bobble stitch, click here.

Each bobble stitch is closed with a chain. When you work the single crochet row going back over the tops of the bobble stitches, be sure not to stitch into those chs, otherwise you will be adding too many stitches to your project. The top of the actual bobble stitch will look a little extra long, the ch will come before it, and look smaller and tighter.

As you work the sc after each bobble stitch, allow your bobble to bend out away from you so that it sticks out on the RS of the fabric.

Written instructions for a bobble stitch:

*Yarn over, insert hook in designated st, yo, pull a loop through the st, yo, pull through first 2 loops, repeat from * until you have 6 loops on your hook, yo, pull through all 6 loops, ch 1 to close the bobble st.

The written instructions for each letter will instruct you to make a swatch exactly like mine, with an extra couple of stitches on both sides, and a couple of extra rows on the bottom and top of each letter.

Bobble Stitch Letter A

Ch 14

Row 1 (RS): Sc in 2nd ch from hook and each rem ch across, turn — 13 sts.

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.

Row 3 and all rem RS rows: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn.

*From here on, you will only be given line by line instructions for WS rows.

Rows 4, 6, 8, and 10: Ch 1, sc in first 3 sts, bobble in next st, sc in next 5 sts, bobble in next st, sc in rem 3 sts, turn.

Row 12: Ch 1, sc in first 3 sts, [bobble in next st, sc in next st] 4 times, sc in rem 2 sts, turn.

Rows 14 and 16: Repeat Row 4.

Row 18: Ch 1, sc in first 5 sts, bobble in next st, sc in next st, bobble in next st, sc in rem 5 sts, turn.

Rows 19-21: Repeat Row 2. Fasten off.

Chart for a crochet bobble stitch letter A
Finished Crochet Bobble Stitch Letter A

I hope you are excited to get your hands the Crochet Bobble Stitch Letters e-book! You can buy the e-book on Ravelry and Etsy!

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Happy crocheting!

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Image of a crochet e-book cover and a crochet bobble stitch letter A. Text reads: English capital letter crochet bobble stitch alphabet. Digital crochet pattern. Banana Moon Studio.

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