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Reveal! T. Rex Hat and Mitts

T-rex hat and mittens, crochet pattern by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio for Interweave Crochet Accessories 2011
(C) Interweave/F+W Media

Hooray!  I finally get to reveal a new pattern! This new crochet pattern is a matching hat and mittens set for kids with an T-rex dinosaur on the hat, and split in half for the mittens. The dinosaur is made using a crochet technique called intarsia.

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This pattern T. Rex Hat and Mitts will be available shortly in the new Interweave Crochet Accessories 2011.  This is the BIGGEST issue of IC ever!  It has 59+ patterns in it.  That’s just awesome!  The yarn for these is Patons Decor (75% Acrylic/25% Wool) in New Teal and Mandarin.  The size shown here is for a child around age 8, but it looks like their model is a bit younger than that, so they fit loosely.  Measure the child and go by your measurements for best results.

Get the t rex hat and mitts pattern here

The T. Rex worked into the hat and mitts is done with crochet intarsia.  If you aren’t familiar with crochet intarsia, check out my photo tutorial and learn how to do it! 

I can’t say that there was anything in particular that inspired this idea.  I was thinking of ideas for hat, mitten, and scarf sets for all ages and genders with the idea of proposing ideas for the whole family.  This was my idea for a young boy.  It struck me as kind of funny that the pattern they chose was the one for little boys, when clearly little boys are not my area of expertise.  Not long after the proposal was accepted, a few members of the editorial staff told me how excited they were to make these for little boys in their families.  There is nothing that makes a designer’s day like hearing that someone wants to make your pattern!  It made me very happy.  I hope that many of my readers will want to make it as well.  This Accessories issue is a special issue, which means that it does not get included in subscriptions.  If you want this issue you can order it from Amazon.

I’ve added the project to Ravelry, so be sure to post pics if you decide to make it.  It would make me seriously happy to see them!

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Happy crocheting everyone!

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Yellow background. Child wearing a crochet hat and mittens that are teal with an orange dinosaur on them. Text reads: Dinosaur Crochet Hat and Mittens for Kids! $5.50 Pattern Download. Banana Moon Studio. Get the pattern now!

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