Wattle Stitch Crochet Video

The wattle stitch is one of my favorite crochet stitch patterns! Watch my video to see how it's done!

Wattle Stitch Crochet Tutorial

The Wattle Stitch crochet stitch is one of my favorites! It’s fairly solid, so you can make things with it that you don’t want to have a lot of holes, but it’s more interesting to stitch than your basic single or double crochet. It’s a lot like a V stitch, but the two sides of your V aren’t the same height.

I especially like the way that wattle stitch looks in stripes. It looks a little bit like a chevron stitch, but the chevrons are very narrow. I also really like the sawtooth edge that you can create along the sides of wattle stitch crochet projects. I think this makes your work look almost like you put an edging on it, even though you didn’t.

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What can I crochet with this stitch?

I have quite a few patterns in wattle stitch, since it is a favorite of mine. Here are pictures of just a few.

These are Primula Scarf, on the left, and Idabel Shawl, on the right. You can really see the sawtooth edge and the striping effect in the shawl. These are both free patterns. Get those patterns and a few others with the links below.

Primula Scarf

Idabel Shawl

Patina Poncho

Berry Scarf

How do you crochet this stitch?

Watch this video and see how it’s done, then look for the written instructions below.

Like the look of the yarn I used in this video? That is Ancient Arts Yarn Nettle Soft DK in color “Nothing But Blue Skies.” You can get it here.

Written instructions for the Wattle stitch

By April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio

Abbreviations Used

Ch  chain

Sc  single crochet

Dc  double crochet

Sk  skip

Patt reps  pattern repeats

St  stitch

Ch sp  chain space

Wattle Stitch

Starting chain equals 1 less than 3 x # of patt reps. For example, for 10 patt reps, multiply by 3 to get 30, and subtract 1 to get 29 for the starting ch.

Row 1 (Sc, ch 1, dc) in 2nd ch from hook, *sk 2 chs, (sc, ch 1, dc) in next ch, repeat from * across, turn.

Row 2 Ch 1, sk first st, *(sc, ch 1, dc) in next ch sp**, sk 2 sts, repeat from * across ending last rep at **, skip final st, turn.

Repeat Row 2 for pattern.

And that’s all there is to it!

Happy crocheting!

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Learn to crochet the Wattle Stitch with a free video, written stitch pattern instructions, and project suggestions!

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