Crochet Flower Pot Cozy


Crochet Flower Pot Cozy

This cute crochet flower pot cozy is “Ring Around the Rosy Cozy” from the March/April 2013 issue of Crochet Today!.  It’s a crochet flower pot cozy. I was asked by the editor, Theresa Gonzalez, to design a flower pot cozy for this issue and she definitely wanted a flower motif as part of it.

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How did I do?

Where can you get this pattern?

Since Crochet Today! is, sadly, out of print, you can now get this crochet pattern from me on Ravelry.

I came up with my own version of a mosaic stitch pattern for the bottom portion of the cozy.  It uses a shell stitch instead of straight sc or dc.  I’m really happy with how it came out, and I love their pictures! Visitors to the Garwood home are very likely to see something like this adorning some pots in our front yard this summer.

What yarn should you use?

The yarn is Red Heart Soft in #4600 White, #9870 Deep Sea, and #9779 Berry.  This flower pot cozy is designed to fit a flower pot that is about 6″ tall with a bottom diameter around 3 1/4″ and top diameter around 6″.  I would love to see pictures of finished flower pot cozies on my facebook page or on Ravelry.

How is your winter going?  Are you already stitching for Spring?  What are you working on?

Happy Stitching!

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Crochet flower pot cozy with flower motifs and a mosaic stitch. Yellow flower pot with pink flowers. $3 pattern download from Banana Moon Studio.

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