How to Crochet a Summer Poncho, Free Pattern

Close up photo of blue, green, and yellow bruges lace crochet poncho on a gray background. A white panel with text reads: How to crochet a summer poncho. Banana Moon Studio.

How to crochet a summer poncho

Recently I released a new crochet design, Pensacola Poncho. This is a beautiful crochet piece in a technique that mimics traditional Bruges lace! Learn how to crochet a summer poncho with the pattern and video here.

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Free summer poncho written pattern

First off, to crochet this lace summer poncho, you’ll need my free Pensacola Poncho crochet pattern! Get the free crochet pattern for this lace Poncho here!

How do you crochet Bruges lace?

Bruges lace is a traditional and beautiful artform that isn’t actually crocheted. It’s tatted. But we can mimic this style of lace in crochet. This technique involves crocheting very short rows, usually only 2 to 5 stitches wide, with chain loops at the beginning of each row. These chain loops are attached together as you go to make a lovely lace fabric.

If you’ve never tried Bruges lace before, then my video tutorial to learn crochet Bruges lace may be helpful!

What materials will I need to crochet this summer poncho?

First you’ll need yarn. I used a fine weight (size 2) yarn called Recycled Linen from Trendsetter Yarns. You’ll need 3 to 5 skeins of this yarn, depending on which size you plan to make.

You’ll also need a size G (4 mm) crochet hook. I recommend Furls Crochet Streamline Resin hooks, which you can shop here. They have an inline hook head and an ergonomic handle, both of which are important to me.

You will also need locking stitch markers, a tapestry needle, and possibly some clear-drying fabric glue to make sure your ends stay put after you weave them in. Linen just is not a grabby fiber, so the ends tend to wiggle their way out easily otherwise.

I could use a video demonstration for the final column of the poncho…

The final column of the Pensacola Poncho crochet pattern is a little different, because as you crochet it, you will join as-you-go to the long edge of the rectangle you are making to shape the poncho.

I’ve written those instructions very carefully, but sometimes a video is just what you need, ya know?

Watch my video below to see how to do the final column and joining of the Pensacola Poncho!

And that is how you crochet this lovely summer poncho! Please share your photos by listing your project on Ravelry, or by joining my Facebook group and sharing it there!

Happy crocheting,

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