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Monkey Bars Winter Set, Crochet Winter Accessories for Kids

Free crochet patterns for this winter accessories set from Banana Moon Studio

Crochet winter accessories set

Monkey Bars Winter Set is a crochet winter accessories set for children. Crochet this hat to fit children from ages 4 to 12. In fact, an adult can even wear this hat, it is so stretchy, but you may want to make it a bit longer to fit an adult. I can actually wear this same hat that my daughter wore at age 7. Crocheters call this stitch pattern the waffle stitch. The lines and spaces of the stitch pattern reminded me of monkey bars, and I was going for names that reminded me of the fun and sweetness of childhood.

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What yarn should I use to crochet this?

The Bernat Vickie Howell Sheep(ish) yarn has been discontinued, unfortunately. It was a soft, slightly fuzzy, worsted weight, machine-washable, wool blend. I used five skeins, or about 835 yds, to make the whole set. I have not found a yarn that is worsted weight, single ply, acrylic and wool, and machine washable, but Lion Brand Wool-Ease comes really close, so that’s what I would encourage you to use. Get five skeins if you are making the whole set.

Hot pink crochet hat, scarf, and mitten set. Free pattern from Banana Moon Studio!

Post stitches are used to crochet this hat, scarf, and mitten set, so you’ll need to know how those are done. I did a tutorial on post stitches awhile back here on my blog. Click here to see it!

Looking down at the top of a crochet hat in hot pink with matching scarf and mittens.

Where can I get this crochet pattern?

You can purchase this crochet pattern individually, or as part of an ebook of crochet patterns for girls!

Get the Monkey Bars Winter Set pattern or the ebook on Ravelry.

Get the Monkey Bars Winter Set pattern or the ebook on Etsy.

Crochet mittens in waffle stitch. Free crochet pattern from Banana Moon Studio.

Happy stitching!

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Girls wearing waffle stitch crochet winter accessories in hot pink with a teal coat. Text reads: Crochet waffle stitch winter accessories. Crochet pattern. Banana Moon Studio.

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