Learn to Crochet “Through Both Thicknesses”

How do you crochet two pieces together

Sometimes a crochet pattern will tell you to “work through both thicknesses” in order to attach two pieces or sections of crochet together. In my free crochet pattern, Pennant Coasters, I use this method to have you attach two circles to each other. This makes the coaster double thick. This technique is also frequently used to join blanket squares together.

If you haven’t seen this done before, you may not know how. Learn by watching my video below! I’ll show you how I used this technique to make my Pennant Coasters.

See the Pennant Coasters free pattern by clicking here!

Crochet pattern, 4th of July coasters, Independence Day. Banana Moon Studio

Let’s learn to crochet through both thicknesses!

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Happy stitching!


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How do you crochet two pieces together

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