Plaid Skirt, a Crochet Skirt Pattern

Crochet this plaid skirt! Design from Banana Moon Studio for Interweave Crochet

A plaid crochet skirt pattern

Hooray!  I finally get to reveal this crochet skirt pattern that I’ve done!  I did so many during the second half of last year, but it is usually 9 months or longer from the beginning of the publishing process to the end of it.  So, I made this last fall I think, and here it is!

Click here to see this pattern on Ravelry.

Or click here to purchase this pattern from Interweave.

A few years ago when I had just begun designing crochet patterns I was constantly looking at clothing that people were wearing and thinking, “how can I translate that into crochet?”  A friend of mine happened to be wearing a wool plaid skirt that was grey, pink, and white one day at church.  I contemplated plaid crochet and then a few days later, made a plaid swatch.  

That swatch was done with an intarsia approach instead of with the surface crochet.  The surface crochet (See a video to learn this technique. Click here!) idea came when making the swatch for this skirt.  I knew then that someday I wanted to do a crocheted plaid skirt.  So, when the call for submissions came out for this issue and asked for skirts, I knew that one of my submissions would be plaid!

This skirt is made in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece — a cotton/wool blend.  It is made from the top-down, so you can customize the length to your liking.  The horizontal stripes are worked into the fabric as you stitch it; the vertical stripes are made with surface crochet after the skirt is made.  It is difficult to tell from this picture, but the stripes are both pink and orange.

Not sure how surface crochet is done? See my video tutorial by clicking here!

This is the first of all my magazine patterns that is actually made in the colors that I chose for it. When I get a call for submissions from a magazine I come up with ideas and make swatches to show them a bit of what that idea would look like when finished.  If they decide to use it, they choose the yarn and colors they want me to use and send it to me.  It is usually pretty exciting to wait for that yarn to arrive, because I never know what I will be getting.

I remember being very surprised the first time I published with Interweave Crochet and got the yarn in the mail.  I opened the box, fully expecting bright pink yarn, because that was the color of my swatch.  I was very surprised to open the box and find a medium, subdued blue.  

Well, all of my other yarn shipments have surprised me as well, but none as much as this one.  This time, the surprise was to open the box and find roughly the same colors that I had made my swatch in!  It wasn’t the same yarn, so the colors were not exactly the same shade, but still, the same basic colors.  I guess that was an occasion on which my inner funkiness jived perfectly with that of the editorial staff.  I was pretty excited to have accomplished such harmony!  I love the way they styled this skirt.  Of course, with those colors, you have to go for spunky and colorful.

Despite my being pleased with the colors, you can easily customize the colors of your skirt.  This yarn comes in a LOT of colors.  Try neutrals for a classic plaid skirt, or pastels for an Easter outfit. You can make it funky, fun, flirty, classic, mellow — you name it!  I’d love to see pictures of finished skirts.  Post them on Ravelry and I’ll see them there!

Click here to see this pattern on Ravelry.

Or click here to purchase this pattern from Interweave.

Happy crocheting!

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Woman wearing a plaid crochet skirt and brown boots. The skirt is green with stripes of pink and orange. Crochet Plaid Skirt Pattern. $5.50 Digital Download. Banana Moon Studio.

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