How to Cable Knit Without a Cable Needle

Learn how to knit cables without a cable needle! Free video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio.

Knitting cables without a cable needle

Once you are a confident knitter, you may want to learn how to cable knit without a cable needle. When you first learned to knit cables your teacher probably taught you to use a cable needle to hold stitches in the process of twisting the stitches around each other. In fact, I shared a beginners tutorial just recently that taught this.

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However, each time you work a cable stitch, you can place those stitches on a cable needle and then knit them off later, or you can just quickly reorder the stitches with the two needles already in your hands. It’s a savings of only seconds per stitch, but when you are knitting cables all over your project, those seconds add up!

A friend first introduced me to this idea a few years ago when I was knitting a cable project. I was frustrated at the slow pace of the project. I was elated to learn how to cable knit without a cable needle! Once I learned the trick of doing this, my project went so much faster! It was actually a lot easier too. I was placing only one or two stitches on the cable needle each time and they weren’t tight enough to hold my cable needle, so it would repeatedly slip out. It wasn’t able to accomplish its purpose anyhow.

I’ll share a quick video below demonstrating how to cable knit without a cable needle.

If you like the look of the needles I’m using here, they are Clover bamboo knitting needles that you can purchase on Amazon here.

In this video I’m using Ancient Arts Yarn Revival Worsted in color Apple Blossom. That can be ordered here. This yarn is made of recycled fibers, so it is environmentally-friendly as well as beautiful!

Are you looking for a cable knit project? Check out my Arcadia Knit Blanket Square or my Coral Current Cowl!

Let’s learn!

What’s your current project? Are you working on a cable knit project that brought you looking for tips and tricks? Tell me about it in the comments!

Happy knitting!

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Learn to cable knit without a cable needle! Free video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio.

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