Learn How to Knit Cable Stitch

Learn to knit cables with Banana Moon Studio. Hands holding knitting needles and a cable knit swatch.

Learn how to knit cable stitch

Since I just recently released a new cable knitting project, I want to teach you how to knit cable stitch! Knitted cables are made by knitting the involved stitches in a different order, twisting them around each other in the process. It’s not super hard, in fact, once you are comfortable with the basic knit and purl stitches, you can knit cables! I’ll show you how with the video below.

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What can you knit with cables?

There are loads of cable knitting patterns available on the internet and in magazines and books. My first published knit design was a cabled infinity scarf called Coral Current Cowl, which you can buy on Ravelry, Etsy, or LoveCrafts. And just last week I released Arcadia Knit Blanket Square, which is free here on my blog.

What supplies will I need to knit cables?

You will need standard knitting needles and yarn of course. In addition you will probably want a cable needle. I say probably, because sometimes people work narrow cables without them and that is a little faster than using a cable needle. However, most people find it easier to use a cable needle when they are first learning. If you need a cable needle there are a few options from KnitPicks that I can recommend. They have bent metal cable needles here. Or they have straight grooved wooden cable needles here.

What knitting skills will I need before I can knit cables?

You will need to be able to cast on, knit, and purl before trying cables. Luckily, I have some tutorials for those skills too! You can learn all three of those skills in this blog post where I teach newbies how to knit a blanket square in stockinette stitch.

Now let’s learn how to knit cable stitch!

Like the look of the yarn I used in this video? It is Ancient Arts Yarn Revival Worsted in color Apple Blossom. You can find that yarn here.

And there you have it! That’s how to knit cable stitch.

Happy knitting,

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Learn how to knit cable stitch with this free video tutorial from Banana Moon Studio.

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