Learn to Read a Written Crochet Pattern: Eight-Petal Flower

Printed crochet pattern, wooden crochet hook, and a blue crochet flower sitting on a table. Text reads: Learn to read written crochet patterns: 8-petal flower.

I’m on a mission here to teach you how to read written crochet patterns! This video in my series of tutorials walks you through a mini crochet pattern for an eight-petal flower one abbreviation and parenthese at a time. This flower is the last motif in my free crochet pattern Gardens Galore Garland. I’ve already made videos in this series for all the other small motifs in this pattern.

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If you’ve learned to crochet by watching a friend, family member, or YouTube video, but you don’t know how to read a written pattern, this post is for you! The trick to reading written patterns starts with understanding the abbreviations used in written crochet patterns. I have a free list of abbreviations and their meanings!

The next part of understanding written crochet patterns is getting the formatting. That’s where my video series comes in! I have a total of five videos in this series so far, but there will be more! You can find links for the others currently available right here.

Learn to Read Written Crochet Patterns: Tiny Heart

Learn to Read Written Crochet Patterns: Small Circle

Learn to Read Written Crochet Patterns: Ring

Learn to Read Written Crochet Patterns: Six-petal Flower

And so that you can follow along with the videos with your own written crochet pattern, you can find the free Gardens Galore Garland crochet pattern here!

Crochet flowers and other small motifs on a white chain with a wooden fence behind it. Gardens Galore Garland, free crochet pattern for a floral spring garland, from Banana Moon Studio

The video below is for the Eight-petal flower that is the last in the Gardens Galore Garland crochet pattern. Enjoy!

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Written crochet pattern sitting on a table with a crochet hook and a blue crochet flower. Text reads: Watch the video! Learn to read written crochet patterns! Free video tutorial. Banana Moon Studio.

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