Fiesta Blouse

(C) Crochet Today!
Get your size E hooks ready to stitch up a fabulous blouse for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations!  This beautiful blouse called “Fiesta Blouse” is in Crochet Today! May/June 2012.  The preview is up on their website, and the issue will be available to purchase on April 3rd.  I have two designs in this issue, but I’ll blog about the other one tomorrow.
This is made in SMC Catania in Dark Coral.  This is a freeform “pattern”.  I say it that way because the pattern for the flowers is given.  Then you are given the dimensions for the floral piece and are encouraged to make the flowers and fit them into that piece.  Then the ribbing is added.  I really love how this turned out!  I am so happy with the finished garment!  I submitted this design idea as a wrap or shawl, but the editor, Theresa Gonzalez, asked me if I could do a blouse instead.  This added complications because it is a freeform design.  A freeform garment pattern, that needs writing in multiple sizes, does not follow your standard written pattern format.  The tech editor, KJ Hay, did most of the work to tweak it into a more freeform approach.
This blouse was inspired by the beautiful and intricate embroidered blouses and dresses of Mexico.  In the call for submissions the editor asked for crocheted items inspired by the colors and styles of Mexico in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  I googled “traditional Mexican clothing” and found scores of examples of these beautiful embroidered items.  My grandpa lived in South Texas until a few years ago when he had to come live with my parents, but I remember visiting him as a kid and traveling across the border to eat dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  I had more than one of these embroidered blouses and dresses as a kid that came from trips across the border.  When my parents went on a Caribbean cruise a few years ago they brought back embroidered dresses for all the granddaughters.  So, that is what led me to the idea of a wrap or shawl made of lots of little flowers.  And, as I mentioned, Theresa Gonzalez, the editor, morphed the idea into a blouse. 
I hope to see pictures of finished blouses.  If you post them on Ravlery I’ll see them there, or you can email them to me at bananamoonstudio @ att . net (take out the spaces).
Happy crocheting!
April 🙂

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