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58 Free Stash Busting Crochet & Knitting Projects

Photo collage of knit and crochet patterns perfect for using up stash yarn. Two knit cowls. Brightly-colored crochet headbands. Green crochet headband. Small red and blue drawstring bags with green and purple dice spilling out. Crochet cozies on an ice cream pint and a coffee cup. Yellow dishcloth on a wooden cutting board with other kitchen items. Striped crochet tote back with a potted plant. Center panel is purple and says "Stash Busting Challenge. Banana Moon Studio."

Stash busting crochet and knitting projects

Do you have a stash problem? Enter this month long roundup of stash busting crochet and knitting projects! The projects in this round up are great ways for using up small bits of yarn, or they use one skein or less of yarn. The great thing about this roundup, is that each of the patterns in this roundup will be free to download for one week!

This post may contain affiliate links. If you click one and make a purchase, I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. See my disclosure for details.

Each week of free patterns will run from Wednesday through the following Tuesday. Come to this roundup post each week to get the coupon code and the links to each of the free patterns. Keep in mind that each group of patterns is only free during the week they are featured.

Infographic that reads: Stash busting challenge. How it works: Step 01. Go to this roundup to find links to all patterns. Step 02. Note down coupon code: SBCHALLENGE. Step 03. Click each of the links listed to visit each designer's website. Step 04. Find this button to go download the pattern on Ravelry/their page. Step 05. Repeat steps for all patterns you want to download.

I will update this roundup each week with the collection of patterns that will be available for free that week. The coupon code for the whole challenge is SBCHALLENGE. Once you click the download link on each designer’s page, use that code at checkout on Ravelry to get the download free.

Stash busting crochet & knitting patterns for June 15-21

This week we have 12 crochet and knitting patterns to get for free! Enjoy! We’ve completed this week now, so the patterns in this group are no longer available as free downloads. However, you can still get them either free on the designer’s blog, or by purchasing an inexpensive PDF.

Photo of a woman wearing sunglasses, a knit cowl in gray and teal, and a blue sweater.

Charlie Cowl from Knitting With Chopsticks is a simple knit cowl. Use separate colors for the ribbing and the body to use up yarn from your stash.

Photo of a striped, colorful crochet bag and a potted succulent on a white wooden surface.

Criss Cross Mini Tote is a fun way to use up different colors. See what kind of fun color palette you can find in your stash! This free crochet pattern is from Loops and Love Crochet.

Photo of a young woman wearing a bright green crochet headband.

Crochet Chevron Headband from Toyslab Creations uses a small amount of yarn to make this wide headband with texture.

Photo of a red and white v-stitch wine bottle cozy around a wine bottle along with a couple of potted plants. White panel with text reads: Crochet wine bottle holder. Fosbas Designs.

Fosbas Designs brings us this Crochet Wine Bottle Holder crochet pattern. Do you have a special occasion or holiday celebration coming up? Dress up your wine bottle for the occasion!

Ice cream pint and coffee cup both with white, blue, and pink cozies around them. Wooden background.

Keep your hands comfy while you have your ice cream or cold drink. The Drink & Ice Cream Cup Cozy from Simply Hooked By Janet is a great way to use up small amounts of yarn from your stash in a useful crochet project!

Orange and blue crochet cozies around a beer can and bottle on a patio rail with a cityscape in the background.

Knit Look Crochet Beer Cozies from Made by Gootie is a crochet project that’s great for watching the game or relaxing on your patio.

Photo of a woman in the woods wearing a gray and white knit cowl and black t-shirt. Text in lower left corner reads: Banana Moon Studio.

This week you can also get my own Lumi Cowl knitting pattern download free! This lovely cowl uses one skein of worsted weight yarn. You can even use separate colors for the garter stitch edging and the center lace panel if you have smaller amounts of yarn available in your yarn stash.

Yellow crochet square towel, whisk, knife, potted basil and wooden cutting board all on a white surface. Logo in bottom left corner is a circle with LF: crochet patterns inside it.

Crochet this simple Mitered Crochet Kitchen Towel from The Loophole Fox as a nice housewarming gift or make several for yourself to match your decor!

Blue and red crochet drawstring bags and green and purple dice on a wooden surface.

Quick Dice Bag from Crafting Each Day is a little crochet drawstring bag that you can use for dice or any other small something you’d like to make a case for.

Woman wearing a pink, ecru, white, and green crochet scarf over a white t-shirt.

Sunflower Cottage Crochet brings us the Scrappy Block Scarf. The great thing about this scarf is that you can make the blocks of color whatever size works for the scrap of yarn you’re working with.

Blue square crochet coaster with brown fringe and matching crochet cloth on a brown countertop. A white mug sits on top of the coaster.

Simple Mesh Mug Rug by Juniper & Oakes is a great project to keep handy in your dining or living room for your drinks.

Brightly colored crochet headbands on a wooden surface.

Use up your yarn scraps to crochet these bright Team Spirit Headbands from Remington Lane. Make it in team colors and it will be perfect for wearing to the game!

Stash busting crochet & knitting patterns for June 22-28

Collage of crochet and knitting patterns. Red and white knit baby hat. Multicolored small crochet blanket and teddy bear on a wooden surface. Pink and black pencil case that looks like a crayon on a wooden surface with writing utensils. Brown and white crochet placemat with fringe. Mint green crochet squares on white fur background. Crochet clutch in shades of blue and purple with yellow flowers and gold beads on a white surface. Knit mittens in white, gray, and black on the cut surface of a log. Red, white, and blue woven crochet headband on a toddler. Center panel is purple with the words "Stash Busting Challenge. Banana Moon Studio."

Week 2 of the Stash Busting Challenge brings you 16 crochet and knitting pattern downloads to get for free! This week’s coupon code is the same as last week’s code. It’s SBCHALLENGE.

This group of patterns will be free to download June 22-28 only!

Brown and white crochet placemat stash busting crochet project with white fringe on one end.

Blooming Mug Cozy and Placemat Set is a beautiful dining room set from Fosbas Designs! I love the fringed edges on these crochet placemats!

Garter stitch baby hat with white band at the bottom and red on top.

Knitting With Chopsticks brings us the Strawberry Baby Hat knitting pattern. This sweet little garter stitch topper is so cute and has matching booties!

Small square baby blanket with shell stitch border in yellow, pink, purple, blue, and green with a brown teddy bear, both on a wooden surface.

Preemie Lovey Baby Blanket is a sweet little cuddle blanket crochet pattern from Madame Stitch.

Two pale mint green crochet squares on a white fur background.

Snuggle Bonding Squares is a crochet pattern from Crafting Each Day. These simple crochet squares can be kept close by a mother and then left with her Preemie in the NICU to keep her scent close to baby.

White mug with the words "The day away" on an ecru crochet mug rug with fringe on each short end. Both sit on a light colored wooden surface.

Carroway Crochet brings us the Boho Mug Rug crochet pattern. Here’s another cute fringed dining room pattern to enjoy!

Catherine Wheel crochet stitch clutch in purple, royal blue, turquoise, and pale blue with a small gray button on a white background with yellow flowers and gold beads.

The Catherine’s Wheel Purse is designed by Made by Gootie. Catherine Wheel is a beautiful stitch pattern and this crochet clutch is a lovely application of it!

Pale peach spiral crochet motif in someone's hand. White background underneath.

The Spiral 3D Applique is an itty bitty crochet pattern from Simply Hooked by Janet. You can use up very small amounts of yarn to make these little appliques and use them to accent other projects!

Fuchsia and turquoise crochet stingray amigurumis with black plastic safety eyes. Both sit on a large black, rough rock with sand on it.

Stingray Amigurumi is a design for your little marine biologists from Loops and Love Crochet. I could see these being so loved by anyone that loves ocean life!

Toddler in white shirt and jeans sitting on a pebbly sidewalk wearing a red, white, and blue headband with pieces woven together in an intricate knot.

Summer Crossed Pair is such a cute summer headband crochet design from Crafting For Weeks. I really love the red, white, and blue patriotic theme here for Independence Day, but you can use bits of whatever scrap yarn you have and make this in any combo of colors.

Two white crochet baskets. One appears to be covering a can filled with scissors and wooden crochet hooks. The other is filled with pennies and other coins. Both sit on a whicker match along with a planted pot.

Simple Bobble Baskets is a crochet pattern from Juniper & Oakes. These handy baskets are a great stash busting crochet project that can be really useful too!

Knit mittens in stripes of gray, white, and black with subtle texture on the back of the hand. The pair of mittens sits on the cut end of a log along with some yellow fall leaves. Text in the lower left corner reads: Banana Moon Studio.

McAlester Mittens is a single skein knitting pattern from me! The beautiful thing about getting this download free this week, is that this is one of my premium patterns! The pattern includes four sizes for children and adults. Need to use smaller amounts of yarn? Knit the cuffs, thumbs, and hands in different colors!

Three crochet baskets covering pots with house plants in them. Each basket is brown on the bottom half and white on the top half. They sit side by side on a white table.

The Crochet Planter Pot Cover Basket is a pattern from Knitz N Purlz. You can make these in multiple sizes to cover different sizes of pots!

Pewter and white crochet cozy covering a pot with a succulent plant in it.

Easy Plant Pot Cover is easy and a perfect stash busting crochet project for your green little friends! It’s designed by Off The Hook For You.

Crochet pencil case in two shades of pink with black outline and stripes to look like a pink crayon. Pencils, highlighters, and sharpies sit along with the pencil case on a wooden surface.

This Crayon Pencil Case is an adorable crochet pattern from Sunflower Cottage Crochet! This would be a fun back to school gift for a student or teacher!

Crochet neckwarmer folded in half around the neck of a mannequin wearing a white t-shirt. The neckwarmer is striped with various shades of blue. Green tree leaves sit behind the mannequin.

Toyslab Creations brings us the Crochet Knit Look Neck Warmer, a crochet pattern that looks like knit!

Gray crochet cloth with ecru arcade stitch borders along two opposite sides. It sits on a white cloth surface along with a white board and candles.

The Simple Farmhouse Hand Towel from The Loophole Fox is a beautiful and delicate stash busting crochet pattern that you can make with multiple shades of yarn for a lovely bathroom or kitchen piece.

Stash busting crochet patterns for June 29-July 5

It’s time for week 3 of the Stash Busting Challenge! All of this week’s patterns are crochet. Just like the past two weeks, the coupon code is SBCHALLENGE. This week’s collection of free patterns includes 14 stash busting crochet patterns that are free to download!

This crochet Easter basket pattern is from Knitting With Chopsticks. Use up your scraps and make a bunch for the kiddos in your life!

Fosbas Designs brings us these traditional knee high lace socks! These seem perfect for wearing with a pleated, plaid skirt.

Make each granny square in a different yarn for maximum stash busting potential! This cute, colorful pillow is designed by Madame Stitch.

This fall staple is the Wide Ribbed Pumpkin crochet pattern from Crafting Each Day. Make pumpkins in a variety of fall colors when you work from your yarn stash.

Carroway Crochet designed this sweet little Daisy Square Bag. The vintage vibe of this little piece seems perfect for carrying to festivals and concerts this summer!

This Spider Stitch Washcloth is from Made by Gootie. I always find handmade washcloths so luxurious. These would be very elegant in a guest bathroom or as part of a spa gift basket!

I love this bright Chevron Stripes Pouch from Loops and Love Crochet! Use up your scraps in place of the striping yarn and see a beautiful result!

Piedmont Headband is from me! This basketweave stitch ear warmer pattern takes about half a skein of worsted weight yarn. This pattern has been free on my blog for a few years, but I’ve now made it available as a PDF for the first time!

Harlow Wall Hanging is a great stash busting crochet pattern from Juniper & Oakes. One of these could be lovely in your own home!

Sweet Stripes Freeze Pop Holders are sweet little summer crochet projects from Green Fox Farms Designs.

Connection Square Washcloth from Sunflower Cottage Crochet has a nice texture. Make it in stripes of the colors you have in your stash.

Off The Hook For You is the designer of this Elizabeth Stitch Cowl. Stripe it in different colors and make it for yourself or a loved one!

Radiant Hand Towel is a beautiful and elegant crochet design from The Loophole Fox. These would make a beautiful housewarming gift! You could work the different stitch sections in different colors too.

Crochet Coaster from Toyslab Creations can double as a pretty bow when you gather the center of it!

Stash Busting Crochet Patterns for July 6-12

Collage of photos of small crochet projects perfect for using up scrap yarn. Crochet soap saver bags in pink and yellow. Blue crochet bracelet. Crochet can cozy in aqua, pink, and yellow. Flower shaped crochet coasters in peach and turquoise. Pink crochet coasters with a 6 pointed star on them. Pink and white ribbed crochet twist ear warmer. Red and white sparkly circle crochet coasters for Christmas. Crochet unicorn cup cozies in mint with grey and pink with white. Center panel is purple with text that reads: Stash Busting Challenge. Banana Moon Studio.

This is the final week of the Stash Busting Challenge! This week we have 16 crochet pattern downloads that you can get for free from July 6-12.

This week the coupon code is the same as previous weeks: SBCHALLENGE.

Click on the buttons below to go to each designer’s post or listing. From there, find the download button in their post. That should take you to Ravelry or some other shopping platform. Add the pattern to your cart, use the coupon code at checkout, and your download should be free. Enjoy!

Blue, white, and yellow boot-shaped baby bootie hanging from a paper clip in front of a crib rail and mattress.

First up we have the Boutchou Baby Booties from Knitting With Chopsticks. These would be a wonderful baby shower gift that you could make to match the nursery colors!

Off white crochet skirt with crochet suspenders on a black background with pink, yellow, and white flowers.

This sweet little crochet pinafore dress from Fosbas Designs could be so cute in stripes of the various colors and textures in your stash!

Red and white sparkly round crochet coasters, some with furry edges, on a wooden background. One coaster has an aqua colored ceramic mug sitting on it.

Winter Wonderland Coasters from Madame Stitch use up just a little yarn and could be a great gift this holiday!

Four flower-shaped crochet coasters with stripes of turquoise and peach on a marble surface. One coaster in the back has a white mug sitting on it.

Lila Coaster from Crafting Each Day is a lovely spring or summer crochet project that could be made in bright colors with small amounts of yarn. Perfect for stash busting!

Single Crochet square washcloths in tan, butter yellow, dark green, and medium purple layered over each other on a wooden surface.

Carroway Crochet brings us this super simple dishcloth. This project is great for using up scrap yarn and it’s also a great opportunity for beginners to learn and practice a basic stitch!

Three pink hexagonal coasters, each with a six-pointed star in it on a wooden surface, one with a floral ceramic mug sitting on it.

These Diamond Coasters from Made by Gootie are like little classic doilies. They would look beautiful in a farmhouse chic dining or living space!

Two white square crochet coasters in bulky yarn with texture on a wooden surface along with a table runner and glass of tea.

Did I mention that crochet drink coasters are excellent stash busting crochet projects? They just work up quickly and don’t take much yarn! These Simple Seed Coasters from Noor’s Knits are a little more rustic looking in their bulkier yarn and texture.

Blue and white whale amigurumi with plastic black safety eyes. It sits on a cement surface with green grass behind it in the background. Blue heart logo in bottom right corner reads: Loops & Love.

This sweet little whale amigurumi is designed by Loops & Love Crochet. I know you must have a little animal enthusiast in your life that would love this! Don’t have blue yarn in your stash? I doubt they’ll mind, wink!

Blue crochet bracelet with chain loops along edges on a person's wrist over a white lace background.

This is my very own Bruges Bracelet, an easy crochet pattern that only uses about 12 yds of yarn. You can make it with any thickness of yarn you want and easily customize the length to fit anyone. Written pattern with full video tutorial!

Striped ecru, pink, and black crochet flower pot covers in three sizes over pots containing green plants.

The Striped Moss Plant Pot Cover is from Juniper & Oakes. Make it big or little in colorful stripes!

White with black and brown with ecru crochet cat amigurumi. One has a keyring attached to the top. They both sit on a pink background with pink butterfly cutouts, feathers, and pom poms.

Coco & Chanel the Cats is a cute little amigurumi pattern from Roxy Crochet. Know someone that loves cats? Who doesn’t?! Make them one of these little cuties to match their own furry friend.

Two crochet cup cozies on disposable coffee cups in front of some pink flowers. Each cozy has a unicorn stitched into it. One is mint green with gray and one is bright pink with white.

This Unicorn Cup Cozy comes from Green Fox Farms Designs and uses a technique called tapestry crochet. This is an excellent colorwork technique to learn as it can be used to stitch pictures and words into your projects!

A yellow drink can in a crochet cozy in aqua, pink, and yellow on a marble surface in front of a white background.

X’s Can and Glass Bottle Cozy is from Sunflower Cottage Crochet. This uses a stitch pattern of crossed double crochet stitches. Make it in stripes for maximum stash busting potential!

Round crochet face scrubbies in turquoise, ecru, and black on a wooden surface along with steel scissors and a metal crochet hook with a blue handle. Logo at top left has a circle with the works "off the hook" in the center.

These Crochet Face Scrubbies are from Off The Hook For You. Each one uses just a little yarn and a set makes a great gift!

Small pink and butter yellow crochet drawstring backs on a marble surface along with green leaves. A circle in the bottom right corner has "LF Crochet Patterns" in the center.

The Radiant Soap Saver is a match to the Radiant Hand Towel from last week. It’s from The Loophole Fox. Have you used a soap saver bag? These things are genius if you love using up the last bits of your soap. So useful!

Crochet ear warmer headband that is knotted at the center is white on white side and pink on the other. It sits on a white surface along with stitch markers, crochet hook, and tapestry needle.

Twisted Ribbed Headband is from Toyslab Creations. Twisted knot headbands are all the rage in the crochet and knitting world for cold weather accessories!

I hope you have all loved the Stash Busting Challenge! It ends on July 12, but many of these patterns are still available free on the designer’s blog or as an inexpensive PDF on Ravelry or another shopping platform. If you missed out on the free download, you can still get the pattern and support the designer!

Happy crafting!

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Background photo of yarn balls, circular knitting needles, and a hand holding a crochet hook on a wooden surface. White panel with text reads: Stash busting challenge. Free scrap yarn PDF patterns every week.
Background photo of yarn balls, circular knitting needles, and a hand holding a crochet hook on a wooden surface. White panel with text reads: What to do with leftover yarn.
Background photo of yarn balls, circular knitting needles, and a hand holding a crochet hook on a wooden surface. White panel with text reads: What to do with leftover yarn.
Photo of a glass jar of yarn balls in many colors and a crochet hook on a wooden table. Pink and white panel with text reads: What to do with leftover yarn.
Five photos of crochet projects: A blue headband, an aqua and brown coaster, orange and blue beer cozies, a multicolored infinity scarf, and red and blue drawstring bags with dice. Navy blue panels with text read: Stash busting challenge. Week 1. 12 free PDF patterns.

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