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New Pattern – Sierra Scarf

Here are some pictures of my newest design – “Sierra Scarf”.  The yarn is Wisdom Yarns Limerick color#31901 (autumn colors).  There are 175 yds/skein, and I used about 3.5, so it takes around 613 yds of yarn.  This is weight category 3/Light/DK. It is 100% Superwash Merino Wool.  The yarn doesn’t feel extremely soft on the skein, but it was comfortable to wear, however if you are extremely sensitive to wool itch, you might want a different yarn.  The colors turned out beautifully.  The pattern is available in my Etsy shop and my Ravelry pattern store.

I bought this yarn at the December “Knit-in” at my LYS (where I rebel and crochet all night).  I won a gift card.  Everyone brings food for dinner and then we all vote on our favorite dish, then the top 3 win gift cards.  So, I won a gift card for the fabulous brownies I made, and used that to pay for part of the purchase of this yarn.  I had in mind to design a shawl with it.  When I started working on it the colors were striping in a way that just really didn’t look nice at all.  I thought I might go and exchange the rest for a different yarn, but then I came up with the idea for this scarf and tried it in this yarn. 

In this pattern, the colors came together beautifully!  My original idea was that the layers of ruffles would lay flat.  While working on the first row of fans, it was clear that I had not skipped enough chains between my stitches to get them to lie flat, because they were ruffling.  I thought it looked really neat though, so I kept going with it, and I love the result!  So, this lovely ruffly scarf was born from a “mistake”.  Lucky for all of us, I know a good mistake when I see one ;).

What craft “mistakes” have you made that turned out great in the end?

Happy crocheting!

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