My Crafty Parents

I love my parents!  My mom taught me to love all things crafting as I was growing up.  She is artistic, though she will never admit it.  She has painted, but doesn’t do it much.  She has made furniture.  She has laid tile, painted walls, hung wall paper, textured walls, sewn clothing (including 3 wedding dresses and numerous formal dresses for me and my sisters), cross-stitched, embroidered, knitted, crocheted, and quilted.  She is awesome!  My Dad is an electrical engineer with a Ph.D.  He always wanted one of his children to become an engineer like him.  My oldest sister is a highschool math teacher, who did not care to be an engineer, but understands some of the math.  My other older sister loves caring for children, including her own two.  She works at a mother’s day out program with children – also not interested in being an engineer.  I stay home with my girls, and now like to consider myself an engineer that works with yarn, hooks, fabric, and needles instead of circuit boards, and electrical components like he does.  I was so far from interested in being an engineer that I counted out math, physics, and engineering majors first when trying to decide on my college major (I wound up getting my degree in Microbiology).  However, I think that the ability to design things is a commen thread between engineering, and crochet and craft design.  My younger sister also seems to have no interest in engineering, though I don’t think she’s quite settled on a career path yet.  She currently has a pharmacy tech license, but works at a couple of unrelated jobs, and paints and takes pictures for fun.  So, my poor dad didn’t get an engineer out of one of his daughters 🙁 , but he has 3 son-in-laws that are a little more electronically and mechanically inclined than their wives.  I did marry an engineer, and he and my dad enjoy discussing all things engineering, physics, and math, while most of us tune it out, though my oldest sister does sometimes participate in the math discussions.  My Dad is also an entreprenuer, and is a self-employed consultent right now.  I feel that my parents backgrounds and experiences have been a big part of what prepared me to design crochet patterns and crafts, and make a business of it.  I wouldn’t be me without them.  I don’t have any pictures of my Dad’s projects, they’re not realy very photogenic, but without more of my yacking, here are some pictures of my mom’s beautiful work:

Quilt she made for Baby
Another of her beautiful quilts
One more marvelous quilt

I feel so blessed to have had parents that taught me I could do anything I wanted to do.  They showed me that through their own lives, more than told me.  They are wonderful parents!

Happy crafting!

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  1. I fortunately got the can do attitude from my father who told me, if it can be done, you can do it! My mother taught me crafting of course thanks be for wonderful parents! Thanks April love Mom!