My Crafty Sisterhood

This is the second post in my series about my crafty heritage.  This one is about: My Sisters.  I have three sisters, two older, one younger.

First is my younger sister.  She is an artist and photography hobbyist.  Her name is Rachel Wood.  She would love to begin selling some of her work and just recently got a booth at a market called “Bad Granny’s Bizarre” where she hopes to score some sales.  Here is one of her paintings

Copyright Rachel Wood

And here is one of her photographs:

Copyright Rachel Wood

She has a style that is quite a bit different than mine, but I think that her art is interesting and I’m very glad that she enjoys it and feels the same satisfaction in creating things that speak to and for her, just as I do.

My older sister K didn’t enjoy crafting very much when we were kids, but she got into scrapbooking as a young adult and did that for quite awhile.  She prefers digital scrapbooking these days to the actual paper craft.  She started crocheting around 4 years ago, I think, and has now picked up knitting as well.  Here are some hats she made for my girls Princess and Lady Hops-a-lot when I was expecting each of them (separately, they are not twins).

She’s made lots of other things too, but probably not a lot of things for me since I can make them myself.

My oldest sister S is the one that taught me how to crochet when we were both kids.  She also took classes as a teen to learn to paint ceramic items.  She painted numerous ceramic items and often gave them as gifts.  She also got into scrapbooking when it first got big.  She cross-stitches, quilts, and more recently, knits.  Here is a ceramic she gave me as a gift once many years ago.  The top portion is a lid and I use it as a jewelry box.

I LOVED horses and unicorns for many years during my childhood.  I still like them, but I’m not quite the fanatic that I used to be.  So, this was an excellent gift for me.

Several years ago, and for a couple years in a row, my oldest sister S, organized a “Christmas in July” craft get-together for my mom and each of us.  That was a lot of fun and we all enjoyed it a lot.  The responsibilities of family have kept us from doing this regularly since then, but hopefully, we’ll get back to it soon.  I have been very blessed to enjoy crafting with my sisters and learning from them throughout my childhood and adult years.  Sisters are great, aren’t they?!

I would love to hear your stories of crafting with family members!  Post comments here or leave comments and pictures on my Facebook fan page.

Happy crafting!

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