Knit & Crochet Show Gift Exchange

Though I have yet to participate in it, there is a gift exchange on Thursday night of the Knit & Crochet Show.  I had forgotten about it until a few days ago, when my assigned “buddy” (since I am a newbie this year I was assigned an experienced buddy to help me out while there) reminded me of it.  I started looking through patterns on Ravelry (I could have designed something, sure, but I needed this to be pretty quick), and looking through my stash.  So after finding this pattern on Ravelry, and finding some “I Love This Yarn” acrylic in brown and some Naturally Caron Country in “sea spray” I put together an ADOREABLE bag!  I so wish I could keep it…well, I suppose I could and skip the gift exchange….  Anyway, I also used some fabric and ribbon from my stash that happened to match perfectly.  And, here is what I have put together…

No, I am not planning to give all the yarn away too, I just thought it would look nice in the pictures.  I did tweak the pattern.  I made this one in slightly different dimensions, but same general idea.  The rows of bobbles are also my addition.  This was a great pattern though, you could do any number of great things to customize it.  I love how it turned out!  And I am seriously tempted to keep it for myself… 🙂

I actually took the cover off my sewing machine and used it today for the lining.  Amazing!  If I get up the nerve to give it away whoever receives it should feel very flattered that I dusted off my sewing machine for his/her benefit 😉  Tell me what you think…do you like the bag?  What would you do with this pattern?

In other news, I blocked a swatch today.  Yay me!  Things have been super busy for our family this summer.  My three oldest girls are all taking swimming lessons this week and next.  We also have dance class for Princess once a week and a few scattered pottery classes for Drama Queen.  We are trying to practice reading and math once in awhile so that DQ doesn’t forget it all, and pre-school continues for P and Lady Hops-a-lot.  Life is busy, busy, and very happy!

Well, happy crocheting!

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  1. Cute bag! How did the show go? Have you heard of You may or may not b interested. It's a fun site where you can trade handmade items with other crafters. Check it out to learn more. Hope ya'll are well!