How To Use The Clover Pom Pom Maker

Learn how to use the Clover Pom Pom makers with this video from Banana Moon Studio. Purple pom poms and pom pom makers on a white lace background.

Clover pom pom makers

Pom poms are so cute, right?! We love them for topping hats, or adorning the corners and ends of scarves, shawls, and blankets. They can be surprisingly tricky to make! Here I’ll show you how to use the Clover pom pom maker! As you might guess, my favorite way to make pom poms is with the Clover pom pom makers, which I bought for myself years ago. I used to have four of them, but my kids helped one of them go missing. My kids have loved using these along with my scrap yarn to make pom poms for fun. So trust me when I say, you can use these!

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Where can I get Clover pom pom makers?

It’s quite possible that you already have these, and maybe that is why you want to know how to use the Clover pom pom maker. Or maybe you are just looking for a good way to make pom poms and you want to go out and buy these.

You can usually find these anywhere you buy yarn. I’ve seen them at popular big box craft stores, fabric stores, and my LYS, so they aren’t hard to find locally. If you can, shop small! Small businesses need your purchases to stay open. If you can’t find them at a small business near you, you can support my small business by purchasing them from Amazon with my affiliate link here. Thank you!

What else do I need to make pom poms?

Yarn! You probably already have some of that, right? Most of my readers are yarn hoarders enthusiasts, so you probably have that already. If you don’t have yarn, you should buy some! I find yarn shopping quite therapeutic.

I have found that some types of yarn don’t make great pom poms. I have not found cotton yarn or thread to make good pom poms. I was surprised recently to make one with a single-ply wool/nylon blend that didn’t turn out great. I think it was the single-ply that did it. You want a yarn that is going to be smooshy and have air in the middle as this will allow you to really pull the center in tight, which in turn, helps the outside of the pom pom to really spread out and fill in all the spaces.

In short, look for a plyed yarn made of synthetic or animal fibers. You are looking for yarns that are fuzzy, smooshy, and bouncy, rather than sleek, shiny, and drapey. I want you to have great results as you learn how to use the Clover pom pom maker

You will also need a pair of sharp scissors that aren’t very bulky.

The video! How to use the Clover pom pom maker

What project are you making that includes pom poms? What brought you to my post? I’d love to hear from you! You can leave a comment below.

Happy crafting!

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Purple pom poms and Clover pom pom makers on a white lace background. Text reads: How to Use the Clover Pom Pom Makers. Free video. Banana Moon Studio. See the video!

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