9 Bobble Stitch Crochet Patterns

Photo collage of bobble stitch crochet projects. The center panel is purple with white text that reads: Bobble stitch crochet patterns. The bottom panel with a photo of a bobble stitch crochet cowl includes text that reads: Banana Moon Studio.

A round-up of bobble stitch crochet patterns

This collection of bobble stitch crochet patterns features some really great projects! You’ll find accessories, a sweater, a blanket, and some really super crochet bags.

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How do you crochet a bobble stitch?

Bobble stitches are really neat! They are easy to do, and can make such an impact because of their stand-out texture. If you’ve never learned how to work a bobble stitch, have no fear, there is a video for that!

The bobble stitch crochet patterns

Bobble stitch accessories

A colorful, textured crochet cowl with bobble stitches over the neck of a mannequin. Part of the word "design" is cut off in the top right corner of the photo.

All the Colors Cowl is from Rhondda Mol of Oombawka Design. This project takes 1 entire ball of Caron Cakes to crochet. You can make this to any size, even a blanket!

Get this colorful cowl pattern here

A girl wearing a silver gray crochet cowl with bobble stitches and ribbed edging standing in front of a brown brick wall. Text on the image reads: Banana Moon Studio.

My very own Dot to Dot Cowl is next in the round up! This cowl is so perfectly-sized and warm and the crochet bobble stitches make a really wonderful geometric pattern! Made in Red Heart Chic Sheep yarn!

Get this classic cowl pattern here

Three crochet beanies with bobble stitches, ridges, and ribbing in maroon, green, and purple on a wood look surface. Each has a faux fur pom pom on top.

And finishing up the accessories category is XOXO Slouch Hat by Kelsie Weeks of Crafting for Weeks. This cute hat for adults is available as a free pattern on Kelsie’s blog. The paid version offers instructions in sizes 12 months to adult.

Get this pretty beanie pattern here

Bobble stitch bags

An aqua green crochet clutch with diagonal lines of bobble stitches on it and a matching button to close the flap. A banner with text reads: Diagonal bobbles clutch. Underground crafter.

This is Diagonal Bobbles Clutch by Marie Segares of Underground Crafter! This sturdy, textured clutch is simple to crochet and makes an elegant accessory. Customize the look by using different sizes or shapes for the button.

Get the clutch pattern here

A child with back facing wears a drawstring backpack made of crochet rectangles with bobble stitches that make them look like pegged building blocks outlined in black. Text on the image reads: Moogly.

Isn’t this such a cute idea?! This Building Blocks Crochet Backpack is by Tamara Kelly of Moogly. The Building Blocks Crochet Backpack is a simple pouch with a set of drawstrings that close up the top and double as the straps. Made with kid-friendly acrylic so it will stand up to all the fun!

Get this clever backpack pattern here

A crochet bag with a gray body and a maroon bobble stitch handle and underside looped over an arm.

I love the interesting bobble stitch handle on this bag! This is Bobble Tote from Ginger Knots. This crochet tote is made to bring your WIPs with you. It hooks on to your forearm so you can carry your working yarn in the tote and work on the go! Use super bulky size 6 yarn for the full size or worsted weight for a super small size. Pick two colors and start working!

Get this pretty bag pattern here

A crochet tote bag with two chevrons made of bobble stitches sitting on a red table. Text on the image reads: A crocheted simplicity.

I love this unique bag as well! This is Chevron Bobble Tote Bag by Jennifer Pionk of A Crocheted Simplicity. This tote bag was designed as part of the 2018 Bobble Blog Hop. Bobbles are on trend this year and lots of fun to crochet & wear. Add this stylish tote to your collection today!

Get this tote bag pattern here

Bobble stitch sweater

A woman wearing a yellow bobble stitch sweater with ribbed edges over a black and white striped undershirt. A banner with text reads: Yarnhookneedles.com.

The Bits and Bobbles Sweater is designed by Jerica Tompkins of Yarn Hook Needles. It’s a relatively simple 4 panel design so most beginners should be able to make it!

Get this fun sweater pattern here

Bobble stitch blanket

A photo collage showing three pictures of a fleece lined crochet bobble stitch blanket in shades of aqua, black, and soft white. An aqua panel with text reads: www.theblueelephants.com

Next we have Oasis Blanket by Shehla Ahmed of The Blue Elephants. This crochet baby blanket pattern is perfect for stash busting a stroller blanket! It’s easy, fun and the bobbles are great for little hands to hold.

Get this cozy crochet pattern here

And there you have it! Nine fantastic crochet patterns that use the unique, textured, wonderful bobble stitch! Have you crocheted one of these bobble stitch crochet patterns? I’d love to see it! You can share it on Instagram and tag me, or you can join my Facebook group and share it there. I’ll see it in either place.

Happy crocheting!

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A photo collage of bobble stitch crochet projects including three bags and two cowls. A purple panel with text reads: 9 projects to crochet with bobble stitches. Round up by Banana Moon Studio.
Six photos of bobble stitch crochet projects including two cowls, a sweater, a hat, and two bags. A white panel with hearts and text reads: Bobble stitch crochet projects. Crochet pattern round up from Banana Moon Studio.
Three photos of bobble stitch crochet projects including two bags and a hat. Aqua and purple panels with text read: 9 bobble stitch crochet patterns. Banana Moon Studio.
Three photos of crochet projects with bobble stitches including a blanket, a bag, and a cowl. White and purple panels with text read: 9 bobble stitch crochet projects. A crochet pattern round up. Banana Moon Studio.
Photos of four crochet projects with bobble stitches including a sweater, a hat, a cowl, and a bag. A white panel with text reads: 9 crochet bobble stitch projects. Banana Moon Studio.

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