Review of Cascade Yarns ReVerb, a Yarn Made with Recycled Plastic and Alpaca

Cascade Yarns ReVerb is a fantastic yarn made of 70% Polyester from recycled plastic and 30% recycled alpaca! I LOVE this! It is environmentally friendly because it takes waste and turns it into something so useful and beautiful. The yarn is soft and will be great for making wearables and blankets.

It comes in ten colors, three of which you can see in the photo above. Each skein is 100 g (3.5 oz) in weight and 273 yds (250 m) in length. The yarn must be hand-washed and lain flat to dry.

One issue facing plastic recycling is that there isn’t a large demand or market for the plastic once it has been recycled. It is often cheaper for manufacturers to use new plastic, so they often do. Without more buyers for the recycled plastic, more can’t be recycled. If more people purchase goods that use recycled plastic, then more can be recycled. A yarn like Cascade Yarns ReVerb uses recycled plastic, so the more crafters purchase this yarn and others like it, the more we can help create a need to recycle more instead of put it in landfills! For more information on plastic recycling, read this infographic from National Geographic. Or read this presentation from NPR.

I have a free crochet pattern available in this yarn! It is called Ramona Scarf, seen below. To get the free pattern click here!

Now, on to the video review!

Happy stitching and recycling!


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Review of Cascade Yarns ReVerb made with recycled plastic and alpaca. Review from Banana Moon Studio.

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