Bitterbrush Bandit, a Crochet Bandit Scarf with Bling, pattern by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio, available from Interweave
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Bitterbrush Bandit, a Crochet Scarf with Bling

Bitterbrush Bandit, a Crochet Bandit Scarf with Bling, pattern by April Garwood of Banana Moon Studio, available from Interweave

(C) Interweave Crochet


I am happy to introduce the “Bitterbrush Bandit” shawl from Interweave Crochet’s special issue, Crochetscene, 2014. You can get a digital download of the pattern by clicking here.


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This is a traditionally-shaped triangular shawl, but is designed to be worn as a bandit scarf. It really makes a fun accessory to complete your outfit. The yarn is called Way Out Wonderful Treasures by Universal Yarn. \

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Unfortunately, this yarn has been discontinued. You’ll want to substitute with about 400 yds of another worsted weight yarn. I haven’t found any worsted weight yarns available today that include charms, so you may want to add charms or beads on your own if you like that look. There are some yarns available with shine though. I found these: Cascade Luminosa, Plymouth Encore Starz, and Trendsetter Yarns Blink.




If you find a yarn that you love for this pattern, please share it in the comments below!

Remember, you can get the digital download of this pattern from Interweave by clicking here.

Bitterbrush bandit close up

(C) Interweave Crochet

Now, you may be wondering, where on earth have you been???

Well, mostly, my energy has just been zippo. We’ve had our house on the market, and I’ve used up my available energy with cleaning for showings and signing a billion pieces of paper. We’ve finally sold it, and we move in a few weeks. We’re not going far, just the city “nextdoor” to get more room inside and out. I have also been busy with work — not completely ignoring it.


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Happy stitching!

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